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About ATS Electro-Lube

The Benefits Of Automatic Lubrication

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About ATS

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Our Ultimate Seriesuses patented pump technology to generate pressure over 100 bar, making it ideal for long lubrication lines and multiple feeds.

The Titan Series™ uses our Ultimate technology, but allows for incredibly simple refilling by the end user, with either an external grease cartridge, or in the case of the Titan Oiler™ by a simple on-site oil fill.

The Jack Luberis the most recent addition to the ATS product line. Single or multi-point application, with a patented screw technology that provides economic lubrication solutions with power that allows for multi-point installaton – all for the same price as rival single-point lubricators!. The Jack is capable of pumping thick grease that blocks up rival lubers, and with easy to replace grease cartridges it's a firm favourite across a huge range of industries.

ATS lubers can be filled with any grease or oil of your choice, their versatility allows lubrication solutions for even the most extreme situations and conditions. Every luber is tested prior to shipping, and with easy to read LED displays the units even let you know the exact status of performance.

All our manufacturing remains in-house, with our CEO and chief inventor still heavily involved with the manufacturing teams, which is why ATS products are the highest quality lubrication systems available.

We offer either batteries or AC/DC power for lubricators, remote control, and motion control options for auto lubers. ATS can customise our lubrication systems to suit our clients' needs for bespoke applications. As technology develops so too do our products, we are committed to remaining the innovators in our field. Keep your eyes fixed on this space...there's plenty of excitement just around the corner!

A greener approach to maintenance

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ATS Electro-Lube has been the driving force in the automatic lubrication market for nearly 35 years. The company was born in 1982 when we solved the industry's long-standing problem - safe automatic lubrication.

Today our ethos remains finding solutions to our clients' problems, so it only seems fitting that an ATS Electro-Lube 'About Us' page should really be about you, our clients.

All of our lubrication equipment is designed to make your business run smoothly, to increase productivity, and to significantly lower your operating costs. There is no other lubrication company that can offer you better long-term service, reliability, or economy, and whatever your industry ATS systems offer many advantages to your business...

- dramatically reduce maintenance from hundreds of hours to just minutes per year
- install units in seconds, for up to 24 months completely hassle-free lubrication
- reduce wear & corrosion of components, eradicate contaminant ingress
- maintain machinery & bearing health to ensure full life expectancy
- economical long term lubrication solutions with ATS multi-point installations
- the most reliable and durable lubrication methods available today
- reduce lubricant costs and avoid destructive over-lubrication & under-lubrication
- significantly lower costs of repairs, replacement parts, and lost productivity

A History Of Safe Lubrication

In 1982 ATS Electro-Lube released the first ever intrinsically safe automatic lubricator – the Electro-Luber™. Even today the Electro-Luber remains the benchmark by which all automatic lubricators are measured.

‍‍‍The Electro-Luber™ is not just intrinsically safe but is also ATEX/UL certified for all explosive and underground zones, is waterproof to 10m depths, and operates right down to -40°C, making it by far the most durable and versatile lubrication product available.

Our products are certified by the North American Mining Industry - the MHSA - and our manufacturing standards and client focused solutions have earned us ISO 9001:2008 certification.

As discussed, our gas-driven lubricators lead the market in reliability, operating temperature range, safety, and durability. No other electro-chemical lubricator can perform in such extreme conditions as the Electro-Luber™.

ATS’ electro-mechanical lubricators are refillable, incredibly durable, and produce the highest pressures of any automatic lubricator. These powerful motor-driven units are suitable for use as single-point lubricators or as incredibly cost-effective multi-point installations.

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