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Automatic Lubricator Applications

ATS  lubricators are suitable for virtually any industrial application. 

No matter what the industry, how extreme the environment, or how impractical lubrication might seem, we have a lubricator to make your life simpler. 

Find your industry below to explore a selection of applications. These examples are just a few select applications, if you can’t see a relevant application you can almost certainly still use an ATS luber.  

If it needs lubricating, it need ATS!

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Rail & Rolling Stock

Hydro Power

Wind Energy


Pulp & Paper


Food & Beverage

Oil & Gas



Building Maintenance



Waste Water Management

Open gears on a motor in the manufacturing industry Harvest storage container on farm Automative manufacturing plant with robots and heavy machinery being serviced by automatic lubricators Large CAT digger with our automatic titan luber lubricating multi lube points on the arm Rollercoaster with lubrication points serviced by multi automatic electro lubers Petrochemical plants where our lubricators service many lubrication points Stacked logs in the forestry industry where all heavy trucks and loaders are have their lubrication points greased with automatic electro-lubers Large mining excavator being lubricated by Titan lubers Digger truck unloading garbage and rubbish at a municipal dump Offshore oil and gas platform use our under water lubricators Pulp and paper facility where electro-lubers are used a many of their processing equipment Wind turbine at sea that houses the ATS wind luber and pinion system Navy ship at sea with motors serviced from with automatic lubricators Air conditioning unit in large commerical building Two electro-lubers attached to the lube points on the rails of a train track Waste water management site that has multi lubrication points for our automatic lubricators Hydro power pump channeling water through a dam, lubricators placed a multi lubrication points on pump


Theme Parks

Marine & Shipbuilding

Heavy Plant

Water bottles on a assembly line in the food manufacturing industry, where conveyor belt is greased with autmotic lubricators
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Our gas powered jumbo luber, budget luber, mini luber, micro luber, all part of our original electro-luber series

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Open Gear Lubrication

Lifting Equipment Lubrication

Terminal & Ground Support Maintenance

Chain Lubrication

Automatic Lubricators

Lubricator Accessories