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''This is a very dirty, harsh, and abrasive environment. The bottom bearings of the elevator are constantly running in the steel shot blasting media. Before we installed the ATS Electo-Luber we were changing out the 2 bearings on a monthly basis, sometimes even more. This operation generally took anywhere between 2-4 hours of valuable production time. Missing a deadline can cost a company thousands of dollars in daily, or even hourly, late delivery penalties. After the installation of the ATS Electro-Luber we have lengthened our bearing life by 6 months. We now just schedule downtime around the production schedule to make a bearing change. The lubers have totally eliminated downtime in this area of our production.''


Steel Industry: Bucket Elevator & Blast Machinery


WWT: Belt presses

''Reduced man hours greasing every unit daily...I believe that if we didn't switch to auto lubers we would have to have an extra man employed just lubing equipment daily.''

''Our company  chose to use ATS Electro-lubers because it seemed to be a high quality product. After their initial trial our company was satisfied with their results and decided to make them a permanent greasing solution for critical equipment and other equipment in harsh environments. The units solved 3 main issues: (1) reduced employee exposure to unfavorable environments thus increasing safety (2) reduced the amount of time our oilers spent adding grease to our equipment and allowed them to use that extra time to work on other lubrication activities (3) overall increased the reliability of our equipment by delivering the right amount of grease every time at a constant frequency as compared to traditional lubrication routes where some routes would be missed from time to time and where the lubrication amount would vary per gun size or oiler using the gun.''


Pulp & Paper Industry: Top fan pumps

Electric Motors

''switched from manual lubrication for more convenience. Using ats ULT125 to replace the manual lubrication saves 10 minutes per lubrication point. On over 100 points in the plant this equals 16 hours per week saved on greasing.''

Textile Industry: Dyeing machine motors


''The bottom line is on-time delivery! In doing that we guarantee that we make the maximum amount of profit.''

Steel Industry: Production Time With ATS

Automatic Lubricators

Lubricator Accessories