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Oil & Gas Refinery with ATS Electro-lube automatic gas powered lubricator

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Within the ATS product line you will find automatic lubricators to suit any industrial application. The versatility of ATS Electro-Lube’s technology ensures our lubrication systems perform where others fail, including the most extreme environments. We supply lubrication for submersible pumps, ATEX certified lubricators, and lubrication for extreme low temperatures.

  • Eliminate unscheduled downtime
  • Reduce O&M costs
  • Extend machinery life
  • Slash repair costs
  • Eradicate catastrophic failure
  • Improve safety of staff
  • Minimise lubricant use & wastage

ATS Electro-Lube is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic lubricators. Our single point lubricators lead the market in reliability, operating temperature range, safety, and durability. Our multi-point lubricators are the most powerful available, and provide an economical & compact alternative to centralised lubrication

ATS guarantees to streamline any plant or operation, offering considerable cost savings in a number of ways...

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We manufacture a wide range of lubrication system components to make all your installations as easy as possible. Including adapters for any size machinery or bearing, replacement cartridges, and mounting brackets. We also supply and a wide range of control options to maximise efficiency of any lubrication system, such as machine synchronised lubrication and motion activated lubrication systems..

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Our automatic lubrication systems can save a company hundreds to thousands of man hours annually. ATS can save your plant huge sums of money every year on machinery downtime, repair costs and wasted lubricant. Our versatile lubricators can be installed virtually anywhere, providing up to 2 years continuous and precise lubrication, and can be used with our progressive lubrication distribution blocks to create multi-point installations.

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Automatic Lubricators

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