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Adapters & Reducers For Lubrication Systems

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of your sizing requirements or would like a quote on adapters for automatic lubricators.

ATS automatic lubricators are 100% proudly manufactured in Canada. Our quality North-American craftsmanship is what makes our automatic lubricators so durable, reliable, and hard working in even the most extreme applications.

Brass adapter reducer that connects to ATS lubricator and reduces the size of the fitting for a bearing
Elbow adapter for ATS electro-lube distribution block
Adapter to extend the lubricator from the lubrication point
Brass adapter for ATS electro-lube automatic lubricator to fit smaller bearing size
Link to get a quote for ATS automatic lubricators ATS Electro-lube Jack luber mounted on roller bearing Link to related article on automatic lurbication

The threads on our automatic lubricators are standard National Pipe Thread sizes (NPT). Outside of North America you will need an adapter to suit the size of your bearing or machinery.

We supply a range of fittings and reducers to adapt to any size lubrication point. We also stock a variety of hoses and connectors for multi point lubrication systems.

Micro Luber/Mini Luber

1/4 inch NPT

Jumbo & Budget Luber/Jack Lubers/Ultimate Lubers

1/2 inch NPT

Measuring Thread Sizes

Lubricator Thread Sizes

To measure appropriate thread sizes you have a number of options. The easiest is to refer to the manufacturers literature to determine what size the lubrication thread is for the bearing or machinery. 

Failing this, if there is a grease nipple on the machinery, simply remove it and measure to find the corresponding thread.

ATS Electro-lube Europe logo and automatic single point lubricator image
ATS Electro-lube accessory banner for adapters, with photo of motor driven ultimate unit


Two ATS Electro-lube gas powered units mounted on extension rods

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