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Chain Lubrication Products

Correct chain lubrication is essential to increase service life of industrial chains, as well as to minimise costly downtime. ATS Electro-Lube's automatic chain lubrication systems offer many benefits for any application involving chains...

  • Reduce chain wear & increase service life
  • Continuous lubrication even during operating hours
  • Minimise downtime through reduced failure & maintenance
  • Lower energy consumption through efficiently running chains
  • Excellent impact damping and significantly reduced galling  
  • Regulate temperature of chain to minimise failure
  • Remove contaminants from chain
  • Reduce the frequency of corrosion fractures
  • Dramatically reduce lubricant use and wastage

Improper chain lubrication leads to increased friction and link wear, which inevitably results in excessive energy use, breakdowns, and production losses.

The cost of replacing damaged chains, as well as the maintenance hours accompanying breakdowns, is often unacceptably high. An added danger is that chain maintenance is often carried out on moving machinery, and poses a serious risk to maintenance staff.

Our range of automated chain lubrication systems offer solutions to almost any conveyor or chain drive application, saving you money, lubricant, and energy.

Direct Chain Lubrication System

Application: small to medium chains

Grease Injection System For Chains

  • continual lubrication for constantly active chains
  • most reliable automatic lubrication on the market
  • most affordable automated chain lubrication available
  • install in just minutes
  • use with any chain oil or grease

Application: Chains with grease nipples

  • Direct application for up to 12 points per unit
  • Grease refills take just seconds
  • 400 or 800g grease capacity
  • Incredibly cost effective alternative to multi-line systems

Multi-Point Oil Brush Chain Lubrication System

Application: Large Chains

  • 1.4 litre oil reservoir
  • Very economical alternative to large chain oil systems
  • Lubricate chains over 2 inches wide
  • Capable of lubricating 12 smaller chains from 1 unit

Compact Automated Chain Lubrication

Application: small to medium chains

  • Pump high viscosity lubricant
  • Up to 12 oil brushes from a single unit
  • very economical solution for small/medium chains
  • available with motion control activation

We can customize the chain lubricators to suit your needs, supplying either battery or AC/DC power, and we can also provide motion activated controls.

chain lubrication in paper recycling plant

Automatic Chain Lubrication Systems

Titan automatic lubricators being used for grease injection in chain lubrication application

Chain lubrication

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Chain lubrication