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Electro-Mechanical Lubricators

What are electromechanical lubricators?

ATS Electro-Lube manufactures the world’s leading range of electro-mechanical lubricators. Our lubrication systems are second to none in reliability and safety, and the Ultimate Luber™ and Titan Series lubricators are the most powerful automatic lubricators on the market.

Electromechanical lubricators are motor-driven lubrication systems. They use a motor and pump to generate hydraulic power in the  lubrication lines.  

Typically this type of luber is used in applications which require high pressure. Such applications include multi-point lubrication systems, those with long feed lines, or anywhere the luber must overcome high backpressure.

How do electro-mechanical lubricators work? 

Electromechanical lubricators use what is known as a fixed displacement pump. This type of pump converts mechanical power into hydraulic power.

Put simply, the motor drives the pump, which in turn drives lubricant out of the reservoir and into the hydraulic hoses.  

What is the best electro-mechanical lubrication system?

Depending on your company’s specific needs you have several choices of motor-driven lubrication systems.  

Power: generating over 100 bar pressure, the Ultimate Luber and Titan series are the most powerful lubicators on the market

Reliability: ATS Electro-Lube’s products are 100% North American made. They are double tested before leaving our factories, and are second to none for reliability.

Cost: Our unparalleled power allows our multipoint lubrication systems to service up to 12 lubrication points from one unit. This provides an incredibly cost-effective alternative to any centralised lubrication system. 

Maintenance Hours: ATS electromechanical lubrication systems offer double the lubrication of other systems, giving you up to 24 months of maintenance free lubrication.

Durability: Because of our superior manufacturing, our motor-driven lubricators can be re-used hundreds of times, offering even further economy over other manufacturers.

Refillable: ATS multipoint systems are all reusable and refillable.They last hundreds of refills, and the refilling process is incredibly easy, taking just seconds. 

Control Options: We also offer a range of control options for lubricators – including remote control (computer). motion control, pulse control, and timer controlled lubricators.

User Friendly: All of our products can be installed in seconds, come with a complete range of accessories for easy fitting, and the LED performance indicators allow easy to read checks of performance, low lubricant level etc.

ATS Electro-Lube’s electromechanical lubers have several advantages over other systems.

Image of Jack luber and jack replacement cartridge

Cost Efficient Electro-Mechanical Lubrication Sytems

Most Powerful Electro-Mechanical Lubrication Systems

Image of ATS Electro-lube's motor driven ultimate lubricator

Easy To Use Electro-Mechanical Lubrication Systems

Image of Titan CL lubricator with distribution port
  • Most powerful mid-price luber
  • Only multipoint lubricator in price range
  • Up to 12 points
  • Pumps NLGI 3 greases
  • 10m feed lines
  • Refillabe in seconds
  • World’s most powerful auto luber
  • >100 bar pressure
  • Up to 12 points
  • 10m feed lines
  • Lasts hundreds of uses
  • Refll on site  
  • World’s most powerful auto luber
  • > 100 bar pressure
  • Up to 12 points
  • 10m feed lines (60m for oiler)
  • Lasts hundreds of uses
  • Refill in seconds

Which lubrication system should I choose?

Every business has different requirements, different maintenance budgets, and different approaches to lubrication. There is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a good maintenance programme. 

For this reason we tailor our systems to suit our clients. In general, the three most common determining factors in choosing a lubrication system are power, price, and ease of use. 

Image of Titan CL lubricator attached to a chain for lubrication purposes

multipoint lubrication systems

12 point chain lubrication

image of ultimate 500 lubricator servicing multiple lubrication points
ATS Electro-lube Europe's logo and image of single point lubricator
Electro-Mechanical lubricators banner to explain what ATS motor-driven units are and how the electro-mechanical lubricators work

Electro-Mechanical Lubricators

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