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Energy Saving Lubrication Systems

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Energy Saving Lubrication Systems

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ATS Electro-Lube have developed a range of energy-efficient lubrication systems. Combining our market-leading automatic lubricators with a variety of lubrication control units ensures cost-saving and streamlining in any maintenance operation. 

The patented pump technology in our energy-efficient motor-driven lubricators generates up to 100 bar pressure, allowing our clients to service up to 12 lubrication points with a single lubricator. We aim to provide a greener approach to industrial lubrication, and now offer a range of accessories to further enhance the economy of any lubrication system .

All ATS Electro-Lube's lubricators can now be supplied with AC or DC power capability. This saves time and money eradicating battery replacement, coupled with the environmental benefits of reduced battery production and waste.

Lubricator Control Units - We also offer a number of lubrication control options, which send the lubrication system into pause mode when machinery is idle.

This system uses a magnet and a motion sensor. The magnet is attached to moving machinery, and for as long as it passes the sensor the lubrication cycle is active. When machinery is shut down the magnet no longer passes the sensor, and the lubrication system goes into pause mode.

The lubricator is wired up to a dry contact, which sends a wireless signal to the user's computer. The cycle can be paused or initiated from the computer, and is very useful in large operations with many lubricators.

Where the above options are impossible we can supply time controlled lubricators. They are wired into a time clock, and the user simply sets the desired hours of operation. Outside of the hours the lubrication system goes into pause mode. 

These options allow for conservation of both power and lubricant, providing further long term cost savings. We can also fit lubricant level sensors to all of our products, which send an alert to the user's computer, conserving maintenance hours spent on lubricant checks.

Our automatic lubrication systems are widely known to be the most reliable on the market, and our motor-driven units are such high-quality they last hundreds of refills. With ATS quality, using our multi-point lubrication systems with these control options ensures that no matter what your industry, you will have the most long-term economical lubrication solution.

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