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Many industries have to deal with extreme environments to keep their plant or operation running smoothly. Scandinavia, Russia and Canada often reach -40ºC, mines are subject to flooding, gas build-up can endanger workers' safety.

In the face of these challenging environments how do these companies ensure that they minimise costly downtime and keep their operating costs down? The simple answer to dealing with lubrication in extreme environments is ATS Electro-Lube products.

No matter the challenge posed, we have a solution that will keep machinery running even in the harshest of conditions, and prevent costly component replacement after unforseen shutdowns.

Extreme heat - Deserts, high friction areas.

ATS lubers are tried and tested in a number of incredibly hot environments.

Explosive areas - Underground mining, pulp & paper industry.

Many industrial areas pose the risk of explosion. Anywhere that gas can build up, or with high concentration of flammable particulates, must by law follow strict ATEX safety guidelines. ATS manufacture ATEX certified lubricators for use in explosive zones.

Not only is our gas-powered luber range intrinsically safe - producing inert nitrogen - they can be used in any underground mine, explosive area or tunnel. In fact you'll find our ATEX units in one of the world's most famous subterranean systems, the London Underground.

High contaminant areas - mining, pulp & paper mill lubrication.

The Electro-Luber™ delivers a highly regulated constant flow of lubrication to bearings or machinery. This applies a positive pressure, dramatically reducing contaminant ingress. Proper lubrication also keeps seals in optimal condition. Contaminants account for roughly 20% of bearing failure, so the potential savings on breakdowns and associated downtime are readily apparent. All of our lubers are dustproof & weatherproof, and ATS lubricator weathercaps provide added protection.

Lubrication In Extreme Conditions

High contaminant risk image of multi-point ultimate lubricators with weathercaps in place and attached to a distribution block

high contaminant risk

Types of extreme lubrication conditions

Extreme cold - Northern latitudes, offshore, wind turbines.

The ATS product line is unrivalled in operating temperature range - beating other lubricators by as much as 20ºC. The Electro-Luber™ boasts the best ambient operating temperature range of any electro-chemical luber, whilst the Jack Luber beats any other automatic lubricator hands down, -40ºC to +60ºC.

Image of automatic electro-lubers covered in ice

electro-lubers working in freezing conditions

Proper lubrication is essential in high temperature regions. Components can undergo severe changes and increased stresses due to temperature, train tracks can even warp.

Lubrication practices must be perfect in these challenging conditions, with the correct high temp lube essential to not only prevent the grease drying out but also to minimise operating costs and breakdowns. Misalignment and vibration can increase operational costs by 10-15%, before you even consider the devastating effect of downtime and repair costs.

Underwater or flood zones - Mining, offshore lubrication, wet zones.

The offshore, waste water treatment, and food & beverage industries all pose a maintenance challenge with numerous wet areas. But even more challenging are the risks in potential flood zones - mine shafts, conveyors and elevator shafts etc. 

The Electro-Luber is not just splashproof, it's waterproof to 10m and will keep functioning underwater and long after water levels recede. It can also be used for subsea lubrication operations, again within a depth of 10m.

Image of ultiamte luber in steamy roomy still servicing and lubricating machinery in extreme conditions

High pressure requirements

In applications where large pressures are required the Ultimate Luber™ is unbeatable. The most powerful self-contained lubricator on the market the Ultimate pressures well over 100 bar.

The unrivalled power of our motor-driven units means they can be mounted up to 10m from a lubrication point (60m for Titan Oiler). Therefore anything high up, underground, or awkward to reach can be serviced from ground level. Lubrication service near moving parts during machinery operation can be incredibly hazardous, this risk is completely eradicated using our remote mounting kits.

Steam Ingress - Pulp & Paper, oil & gas

Steam is a big problem in several industries. Not only is the heat too much for many lubrication systems, but the ingress of water vapour as steam can lead to corrosion,grease wash out,and failure of components.

Our lubricators are designed to withstand the high temperatures of heat, and we also provide extension pieces to remove the lubricator from the immediate vicinity of steam outlets. By enforcing positive pressure at the lubrication point our lubers prevent steam ingress, leading to a healthy long life of all components in steamy conditions.

steamy PPI equipment

ATS Electro-lube Europe logo and image of automatic single point lubricator
Extreme Conditions article explains how ATS lubricators perform is hot temperatures and cold conditions

Extreme Conditions

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