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Is there a warranty?

Yes, all of our units have a 1 year warranty.

Questions About Automatic Lubricators

Below are some frequently asked questions about ATS and automatic lubricators.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the FAQ, simply contact ATS Europe and we'll be happy to discuss your lubrication needs.

For technical specs and the operating parameters of ATS automatic lubricators please check the relevant product page or downloads section, where you will find most specs and performance data for each auto luber.

Are the gas units similar to a spring lubricator?

No they aren't, the reason that gas-powered units have replaced spring controls is that spring units do not build up pressure. They are less reliable than gas units and recognised as false economy.

Is the gas powered Electro-Luber refillable?

No, the Electro-Luber is a single-use lubricator. The Ultimate, the Jack and Titan series are all re-usable.

How do I know when to replace the Electro-Luber?

You can see the orange piston through the grease cartridge walls, when the piston is at the bottom it's time for a new Electro-Luber. Alternatively you can use our Low Level Sensor, which tells your computer when it’s time for a refill.

Will the lubricator withstand a salty or corrosive environment?

Yes, the body of the lubricator is inert nylon, and our weather caps protect the internal mechanisms from the elements.

Do extremes of temperatures affect flow rates from the lubricators?

Yes, but not a significant amount. The lubricators work perfectly in their temperature ranges. But you MUST use the relevant low or high temp grease.

What is the 'B Switch'?

The B switch will empty the unit quicker, in situations where more grease is required. See technical specs on luber sheets.

Can the units withstand vibration?

Yes, our products are designed with a high vibration tolerance, however we recommend remote mounting of the luber when vibration levels are high.

Are the lubricators suitable for electric motors?

Of course! They can be used on virtually any machinery, and help to prevent under or over lubrication. We recommend use on motors above 20HP, just make sure you set the luber to the correct dispense rate.

How far from the lubrication point can I mount the lubricator?

The Electro-Luber can be mounted 1m from the lube point. Ultimate, Titan & jack units can be mounted to 10m.

What lubricant can I use in the automatic lubricators? 

We can fill your units with any grease or oil your machinery requires.

So I can even use oil in the automatic lubricator?

No problem, but we recommend an oil flow restricter to stop siphoning.

What pressures do the lubricators produce?

The Electro-Luber produces around 4 bar pressure. For cases where higher pressure is required (multi-point installations or long lines) the Jack Luber produces around 17 bar pressure whilst the Ultimate - the world's most powerful lubricator - produces over 100 bar pressure.

How long do the batteries last?

It depends on which size lubricator you use and what setting you need. With an Electro-Luber on a 12 month setting the batteries will definitely last the life of the cartridge, so you'll never replace them. We ship new battery packs with Jack replacement grease cartridges so you swap them out then. In the Ultimate 500 the battery pack lasts roughly 2.5 empties, in the smaller units about 4 empties.

Do the automatic lubricators need maintenance?

Nope, they are designed to make our clients' lives easy, no maintenance is required, simply check the LED display periodically to ensure it is working and the luber is functioning correctly.

Can I buy ATS products in my country?

We have a network of worldwide distributors, as well as major distribution hubs in North America and Europe. Please contact us and we'll give you a quote.

Are the units waterproof?

All our lubricators are weatherproof & splash-proof, great for wash down areas or wet areas. The Electro-Luber is fully submersible to a depth of 10m.

Do I need to mount the lubricator upright?

No, the lubricators can be mounted in any orientation, upside down on the ceiling even. The exception is the Titan Oiler which relies on gravity rather than a piston.

When using multiple lubricators will they empty at the same time?

Yes, if you start all the lubers' cycles at the same time they will empty within a day of each other. Making your lubrication schedule incredibly easy!

Can an automatic lubricator blow bearing seals?

It's very important to consider bearing manufacturers guides. A seal can blow between about 18-30 bar. Therefore the Electro-Luber cannot blow a seal. For the motor driven units you should always check the manufacturers guidelines and choose a lubricator with appropriate pressure.

Is there a delay in gas units before the cycle starts?

Grease flow begins when enough pressure has built inside the chamber. On a short 2 week - 1 month setting dispense begins almost immediately. On a year setting there will be a 2 day time lag whilst the gas builds up.

Can ATS lubricators be used in explosive zones?

Yes, we are ATEX/UL certified for Class 1 zones.

So I can even use ATS lubricators for mining?

Yes, and we are certified by the MHSA (Mining Safety & Health Association). They can also be used in other restricted industries with flammable dust particles, sch as pulp & paper industries.

How durable are ATS auto lubers?

Incredibly durable. We use flexible shatterproof crack-proof nylon, and the lubricators will absorb heavy knocks. We pride ourselves on producing the most reliable, most durable lubricators on the market.

What is the LED display for?

The LED display in the motor driven units gives a comprehensive status indication of the lubers performance. In the Electro-luber it signifies that the electrolyte circuit is complete.

Can I fit the lubricator straight onto an existing grease line?

You can, but for the Electro-Lubers we advise changing the line to purge any potential blockages. For the Jack Luber and Ultimate the pressures are high enough that the existing lines can be used.

What do I do with the empty units?

The Jack, Ultimate and Titan Lubers are multi-use, and will last years before you need to dispose of them. The single use Electro-Lubers can be recycled or sent back to ATS Electro-Lube. Please remove batteries before disposal and comply with waste laws in your country.

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Read our FAQ to find answers on our range of automatic lubricators, how they lubricate machinery, what applications they are used in to assist with maintenance and everything you need to know about lubrication and lubricators

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