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Image of industrial woodchipper being lubricated by an ATS electro-lube lubricator

Lubricating Forestry Equipment

Lubricating forestry equipment provides several challenges. Conditions can be wet, cold, dusty, and often involve hazardous maintenance procedures.

ATS lubrication systems for forestry equipment are built with these challenges in mind, and are the most reliable, most durable solution available for the forestry industry.

Waterproof and dust-proof ATS lubricators can be used to lubricate forestry equipment of any application.

Our single point lubricators for forestry equipment offer continuous perfect lubrication for constantly moving parts, such as chains, conveyors, lifting equipment etc.

Our forestry multi point lubrication systems can service up to 12 lubrication points, with lines up to 10m long. They are a cost effective solution for mobile machinery.

Applications for forestry lubricating systems

  • De-barker
  • Splitters
  • Mulchers
  • Railway tracks & wagons
  • Rotary stump grinders
  • Yarders
  • Hoists/pulleys/conveyors
  • All bearing types
  • Cranes
  • Fellers
  • Delimbers
  • Transport
  • Wood chippers
  • Bunchers
  • Harvesters
  • Motors

How to lubricate forestry equipment

Problems lubricating forestry equipment

Day in, day out, forestry equipment is subjected to heavy dust loads, water, and cold temperatures.

Water and dust are particular problems. Contaminants cause up to 20% of bearing failures. And since bearings are the cornerstone of rotating equipment, this poses a huge problem.  

Similarly, water ingress leads to improper lubrication and corrosion. These two problems must be eradicated for forestry machinery to last anywhere near its life expectancy.

Temperature also poses a problem for forestry lubrication. Many latitudes across Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia where forestry is major business can reach -40°C

Lastly, heavy workload tends to significantly shorten machinery life. Constant and aggressive operation means components are put under severe stress, Lubrication is key to reduce these stresses.

As discussed, the correct maintenance programme is essential to protect expensive forestry machinery from repeated failure and downtime. 

With ATS Electro-Lube’s lubrication systems for forestry machinery you can save significant sums in maintenance hours, operating and repair costs, and lubricant use.

The safety benefits of proper forestry equipment are also significant. Proper lubrication will prevent catastrophic failure an keep maintenance operatives safe. 

The Electro-Luber™ is the number 1 choice for lubricating forestry equipment. It has the best operating temperature range of any gas-driven lubricator on the market, from -40°C to +55°C.

It provides a controlled, continuous flow of lubricant. This means that positive pressure is kept at the lube point, preventing ingress of contaminants, and eradicating contaminant related failures. 

Single point forestry lubrication solutions

Depending on what machinery you are lubricating, the scale of your operation, and the environmental conditions, you have two choices for improving the health of your machinery.

Multi point forestry lubrication systems

We offer various multi point lubrication system for forestry equipment, which one you select should depend on your needs. 

If you need a high power lubrication system, for example you want to run 12 feeds on a piece of machinery, we recommend the Ultimate Luber™. Producing over 100 bar it’s the world’s most powerful auto luber.

However, for most forestry lubrication applications we recommend the Jack Luber™. The Jack is the most durable forestry lubricator available, incredibly versatile, and built to cope with heavy duty applications. 

All of our lubricators can be mounted remotely, the Electro-Luber™ up to 1m from the lubrication point. This allows you to keep hands away from moving components during maintenance.

industrial woodchipper

Image of Cat digger serviced but automatic multi-point lubricators

heavy plant lubrication



  • Most reliable lubricator available
  • Use with any lubricant
  • -40°C temperature capability
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • Prevent dust & water ingress
  • Reduce bearing failures by up to 60%
  • Up to 12 months without relubrication
  • Greatly extend machinery life



  • Refillable on site
  • -40°C temperature capability
  • Cost effective multipoint system
  • Durable & reliable
  • Up to 24 months without relubrication
  • Save lubricant, time, & repair costs
  • Keep hands away from hazardous components
  • Greatly extend machinery life
ATS Electro-Lube Europe Logo and single automatic lubricator
Forestry Banner with image of Jack luber with low level lubricant sensor


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