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Lubrication System Images

This section provides photos and videos of automatic lubricators. ATS lubricators can be used in virtually any industrial application, a variety of which can be viewed here. For further information on ATS products, read our lubrication systems information.

Photo Gallery

Electro-luber with blue Atex ring to certify that the single point automatic lubricator is Atex approved Electro-luber single point lubricator filled with white grease and lubricating a bearing point Multiple single point electro-lubers greasing machinery in a water treatment facility

Video Gallery

Single Point Applications

Multi Point Lubricators

Extreme Condition Lubricators

Two ats electro-lubes still performing their lubrication requirements while covered in ice Two ultimate lubricators with weathercaps still lubricating as normal without any contaminates affecting the luber or machinery Two titan lubricators servicing multiple lubrication point Two motor driven, automatic lubricators attached to distribution blocks to feed multiple ports consistent lubrication Two ultimate motor driven units attached to two two port distribution blocks Ultimate lubricators still lubricating under extreme heat and moisture Two ats electro-lube lubricators attached to single points one electro-lube attached to a single point for automatic lubrication Two ats electro-lubers mounted on an extension rod at single points
ATS Electro-lube Europe logo and image of single point lubricator
Picture Gallery of all photos of ATS electro lubers in various applications and on different machines


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Automatic Lubricators

Lubricator Accessories