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Electro-Chemical Lubricators

Gas powered lubricators - otherwise known as electrochemical lubricators - use a gas to drive lubricant into a bearing or lube point. Because they rely on gas pressure to drive the lubricant they are only used as single point lubricators.

What are gas powered lubricators?

How do electro-chemical lubricators work?

They might look complicated, but electrochemical lubricators are actually pretty simple once you understand them.

The lubricator contains a battery pack, which applies an electric charge to a chemical. This produces a chemical reaction, the bi-product of which is a gas. 

This gas then expands into a sealed chamber which contains a bellow. As the volume of gas increases, the bellows expand, in turn exerting pressure onto a piston. 

The piston forces the lubricant out of the reservoir, in a very controlled flow, providing continual lubrication to the machinery.

Image of electro-lube cross section illustration the ats electro-lube control system, battery chamber, chemical chamber, gas chamber, piston, grease chamber, and thread

What are the benefits of gas powered lubricators?

It’s important to remember that there is no perfect solution to suit every application. For instance, in machinery that produces high back-pressure a gas powered luber simply won’t over come that resistance, and a motor driven lubricator would be more appropriate.

Continuous lubrication: The chemical reaction in the lubricator is always happening, therefore gas is always being produced.

This means that gas powered lubricators provide continual lubrication in small doses. There is never the cycle of under & over-lubrication produced by spring driven lubricators.

Waterproof: Whilst not true of all gas powered lubricators, the ATS Electro-Luber™ is fully submersible – to a depth of 10m! A huge benefit in flood risk or below surface applications, mines and water treatment facility lubrication.

Compact: There are minimal parts in a gas powered lubricator, therefore they are very compact little systems which fit neatly onto any piece of machinery, even hand held equipment.

What is the best electrochemical lubricator available?

This is the easiest question to answer on this page! The ATS Electro-Luber™ has no direct competition in terms of performance or reliability. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why this is the best lubricator to buy....

Buy electrochemical lubricators.

To buy electrochemical lubricators, or to discuss your requirements, simply visit our request a quote page and fill in the short form.

Reliability: The Electro-Luber is by far the most reliable automatic lubricator on the market. 100% Canadian manufacturing quality, coupled with our double test before the product leaves our factory, mean that this product simply never fails.

Safety: The Electro-Luber™ was the world’s first intrinsically safe auto lubricator. It produces inert nitrogen gas, and is ATEX/UL certified for use in explosive zones.

Durability: High quality materials & 35 years of perfecting our manufacturing processes make this the toughest unit available. 

Temperature: Most gas powered lubricators go into pause mode at -20°C, some even at 0°C! Our lubricators are designed to operate from the depths of Russian mines to the heights of the Canadian Rockies, and remain operational to -40°C.

In fact with a temperature range of -40°C to +55°C no other electrochemical luber comes close to our operating range.

Remote mounting: The Electro-Luber can be remotely mounted to a distance of 1m away from the lubrication point using a feed line. This is up to 3 times as far as some lubers, keeping hands away from moving parts and allowing servicing even during machinery operation.

Sure, some other lubricators can do one or two of these things, but only the Electro-Luber offers you all these benefits, which is why it has remained the benchmark in the industry since 1982.

When to use a gas powered lubricator

When NOT to use a gas powered lubricator

Electrochemical lubricator applications

The range of applications for gas powered lubricators is far to long to list comprehensively. The applications below are just a sampling of situations across a range of industries. To discuss specific applications just give us a call.

  • chains
  • conveyors
  • screw turbines
  • pulleys & winches
  • bearings
  • pumps
  • submerged equipment
  • elevators/escalators
Image of ats electro-lube banner and oil refinery plant Image of three Ultimate automatic motor driven units

What are motor driven lubricators?

Image of gas owered single point electro-luber

Jumbo Luber

ATS Electro-lube Eirope logo and image of single point lubricator

Heavy work loads

Constantly moving machinery

24 hour plant operation

Multi point installations

High pressures

High volume installation

  • wind turbines
  • linear motors
  • HVAC
  • fans
  • heavy plant
  • rail equipment
  • extreme temperatures
  • offshore use
Gas powered lubricators article explains what how ats electro-lube gas power lubricators work and how they benefit our customers

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