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  • Number 1 in reliability
  • Copes with extreme conditions
  • Run 10m lubrication lines
  • Service up to 12 points with 1 unit
  • ATEX certified, waterproof, corrosion resistant
  • Continual maintenance free lubrication
  • Up to 24 months without servicing


  • Keep machinery reliable & extend life expectancy
  • Use in any application in any environment
  • Improve the safety of maintenance crews
  • Incredibly economical long term lubrication solution
  • Lubricates even during machinery operation
  • Replace lubrication man hours with proactive maintenance

ATS lubrication systems can be used in all these airport and ground handling maintenance applications, and many, many more...

  • Baggage carousels
  • Loaders
  • Transporters
  • Snow shovels
  • Rail lubrication
  • Monorail
  • Gangways
  • Tow bars
  • Radar motors
  • Bearings
  • Belt loaders
  • Escalators
  • Scissor lifts
  • Travelators
  • Elevators
  • Gear boxes
  • Electric motors
  • heavy goods vehicles
  • Pneumatic steps
  • Hoists/winches
  • Cranes
  • Aircraft tractors

Airport Lubricator Applications

Airport & Ground Handling Equipment Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication Systems For Airport Equipment

Challenges of Airport Maintenance

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Airport lubrication systems have to be durable, and above all, reliable. The amount of passengers depending on reliable services is unbelievably huge. Atlanta recently passed the 100,000,000 passengers per year mark. London airports combined see 150,000,000 per year. 

That’s a lot of angry passengers to contend with if maintenance services hinder the functionality of the airport. Whilst lubrication is one of large number of maintenance challenges an airport faces, it is an important one. Not just for customer satisfaction, but because recurrent equipment failure is an unacceptable expense.

Cost of Airport Maintenance

In the last 10-15 years airport operating costs have risen around 75%. This may not be solely in maintenance sectors, but every rising cost has to be included in the budget, and cuts often have to be made. 

Streamlining and cost-cutting for the long term very often involves an initial outlay of funds, something management heads will be none too happy about in tough financial times. So choosing the correct upgrades is of paramount importance. 

In 2013 in the US alone, $2,624 million was spent on airport repairs & maintenance. Failure to implement proper maintenance procedures that keep the public safe not only incur the cost of expensive repairs, lengthy downtime, and a potential law suit, but also pose a threat to life.

Not only is airport maintenance incredibly expensive, service crews face a lot of other challenges.

The continuous hoards of travellers means terminal buildings are some of the most intensely used facilities. This takes a toll on equipment, and without proper care reduces the life of machinery.

Anything on the runway can be subjected to a battering by environmental conditions. Exterior machinery is subjected to frost & snow, flooding, intense heat from the runway, so airports must be prepared for any environmental impact. 

Much airport machinery in in constant use, without optimal lubrication any constantly moving machinery will last only a fraction of its expected life. Often there is so many pieces of equipment that it’s difficult for maintenance staff to ensure that every component is receiving the pro-active maintenance it requires to maintain a fully functional facility. To add to the problem there’s runway maintenance, multiple car parks, road maintenance, and myriad other factors airports have to contend with. 

Clearly it’s critical to take a long term approach to airport maintenance. Upgrade installed to ensure optimal operation of all services should be reliable, cost-efficient, and capable of reducing the overall maintenance costs in the long term.

ATS Electro-Lube products can offer significant long term advantages to any airport maintenance staff.

Firstly, they are the most reliable on the market. The dispense cycle of up to 24 months allows your staff to install a lubrication unit, and leave it for up to 2 years without servicing or refilling! 

Second, our lubrication systems are the most durable on the market. They operate perfectly between -40°C right up to +60°C, by far the widest operating range on the market. Our electro-chemical lubricators are submersible to 10m for flood risk areas, and ATEX certified for explosive zones.

All of our lubrication systems deliver precise quantities of grease or oil to machinery in the exact dose required. This reduces friction and wear, keeps temperatures down, and lowers operating costs.It also helps to extend the life of any machinery.

Thirdly, ATS products can be mounted up to 10m from any lubrication point. There are many hazardous and inaccessible lubrication points in any airport facility. Using our systems allows you to service points near moving machinery, high off the ground, or in other awkward positions, from a safe working area.

The overall effect of employing an ATS Electro-Lube product will be dramatically reduced maintenance hours, freeing up crews for more pro-active and preventative maintenance, an extension of machinery life, and a long term significant reduction in operating, repair, and labour costs.

Contact ATS today on info@atselectrolube.eu for further information.

ATS Electro-Lube manufacture lubrication systems for ground handling equipment and airport terminal machinery. 

Electro-Lubers on loading equipment

Our lubrication products will improve the safety of airport maintenance crews, significantly reduce maintenance costs, and free up countless man hours for proactive maintenance.

Lubrication system being used on baggage carousel


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