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Lubrication Systems For Industrial Applications

ATS Electro-Lube’s automatic lubricators are used in a huge variety of industrial applications. Our products are the most durable and versatile lubrication systems on the market, and this means that there is virtually no lubrication task they cannot perform.

The ATS product range boasts the best operating temperature range of any single point lubricator, the most powerful lubricator, and the most reliable lubricator on the market. Our lubrication systems are waterproof, ATEX certified, and help prevent contaminant ingress. All of our products can be remotely mounted, making inaccessible and hazardous lube points incredibly easy to service. 

This versatility means that ATS products are perfect to deal with maintenance challenges in any industry, and in extreme conditions they really are the only sensible choice. 

Our lubrication systems are widely used in the mining industry, water treatment, oil & gas, renewable energy, hydro power, pulp & paper, automotive manufacturing, the rail industry, and many many more.

Industrial applications for lubrication systems

Two electro-lube's lubricating bearings in a waste water treatment plant

waste water treatment lubrication

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lubrication system applications

PDF downloads on Industrial applications for automatic lubricators

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  • Rail industry lubrication PDF 
  • Water treatment lubrication PDF
  • Oil & gas lubrication PDF
  • Mining machinery lubrication PDF
  • Lifting equipment lubrication
  • Pulp & paper lubrication PDF

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  • Chain Lubrication PDF

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