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  • Single-point or multi-point lubrication
  • Pressure to 17 bar
  • Patented jackscrew technology
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C
  • Easy-to-change replaceable cartridges
  • Lasts many refillls for long-term economy
  • ATEX/UL certifiied
  • Weather-proof & dust-proof for harsh environments
  • Available in 125 or 250ml
Image of two Jack lubers installed for chain lubrication
Jack Luber Banner with image of the automatic Jack lubricator with its patented jack screw technology
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Jack Luber

The most economical lubrication system on the market


chain lubrication

economical multi-point lubrication

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The Jack Luber™ comes with a battery pack as standard, but can also be used with AC or DC power to suit your particular application. We also offer a variety of lubricator control options, which allow you to programme bespoke settings for your maintenance schedule, or to simply send the lubrication system into pause mode whilst machinery is inactive.

The Jack Luber™ is a multi-purpose automatic lubricator, designed to be the most cost-effective solution to long term maintenance available.

Combining ATS Electro-Lube’s Ultimate-Luber™ technology with our patented jackscrew, the Jack Luber™ produces 17 bar pressure, out-muscling any rival mid-range automatic lubricator. This power allows you to use the Jack not just as a single-point lubricator, but as part of a multi-point lubrication system.

The Jack Luber™ can be installed connected to a distribution block, to create an economical multi-point lubrication system for virtually any industrial application. It will service up to 12 bearings or lubrication points from a single unit!

This allows you to replace several single-point lubricators with a single Jack Luber. The motor housing is reliable and durable, and will last many uses, so when the lubrication unit is empty you simply swap the replaceable grease cartridge for a new one, further enhancing the economy of this lubrication system.  

This electromechanical lubricator can be mounted up to 6m away from the bearing or lubrication points. As with all ATS Electro-Lube products the Jack is designed with the safety of maintenance operatives as a priority. Long feed lines allow the unit to be mounted away from moving machinery or inaccessible points, allowing your team to service the lubrication system from a safe working area.

Best of all, despite boasting so many superior features, and multipoint capability, the Jack Luber™ is the same price as other single point lubricators.

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