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Lubricant Level Sensor

The ATS grease level sensor is available with any of our automatic lubricators, so whether you use our Electro-Luber™ or our  powerful multi-point automatic lubricators your plant can join the tribology revolution today!

We also offer automatic lubricator control options, which allow you to maximise your lubrication system's efficiency and save money and grease.

ATS Electro-Lube manufactures a lubricant level sensor for our automatic lubricators. A pro-active maintenance schedule is unquestionably the best way to keep industrial machinery operating properly and avoid costly downtime. Our low level sensor is the perfect solution to manage a maintenance plan easily and reliably.

This grease level sensor creates a 'Smart Luber', which talks to the user's computer, alerting the user when the grease level in the lubricator's reservoir is running low.

Like all ATS products the automatic lubricator low level sensor is incredibly simple to install, taking just minutes. Simply mount the lubricator as normal, then connect the cables to a PLC. It's that simple! The PLC will then communicate with a chosen computer, sending a warning when the grease level in the lubricator nears empty.

Combining our market leading lubricators with the Internet Of Things offers several advantages to our clients. Firstly this smart luber can save maintenance hours, replacing time spent on visual lubricant level inspection with more productive tasks.

Secondly, your machinery and bearings will never again be running on empty. Up to 80% of bearing failure can be attributable to improper lubrication. Allowing machinery to run dry is simply inexcusable.

Thirdly, this simple but effective grease level  sensor allows for easy co-ordination and management of a pro-active maintenance programme - an essential factor in keeping your operation running efficiently.

Our automatic lubricators offer up to 2 years of maintenance free lubrication. Combined with this grease level sensor you can turn on the lubricator, then quite literally sit back and do nothing for two years, safe in the knowledge the luber will even tell you when you need to do some work!

The increased efficiency offered by ATS smart lubers can lower a plant's operational costs whilst greatly extending machinery life. This solution will dramatically reduce downtime and repair costs.

Most importantly it will not only save money and maintenance time, it will keep your operatives safe. Running improperly lubricated machinery is an avoidable safety risk.

image of two ultimate 500 lubricators fitted with low level lubricant sensors

lubricant level sensors

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lubricator control options

Never let machinery run without optimal lubrication

Receive alerts to computer/tablet

Suitable for all ATS lubrication systems

Save money & maintenance hours

Minimise risk of catastrophic breakdown

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Lubricant Level Sensors

The lubricator level sensor can be used with grease or oil reservoirs, and can be used in our electro-chemical single point lubricators, or with our motor-driven multi-point systems.

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