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Hoses For Lubrication Systems

ATS Electro-Lube supply a variety of hydraulic hoses and fittings for lubrication systems, allowing for both remote mounting and multi point installation.

We manufacture the world’s most powerful lubricators, and as such our systems are not only more economical, but also allow for both longer and a higher number of feed lines. 

The remote mounting of ATS lubricators allows you to...

use automatic lubrication on intense vibration machinery

service lubrication systems whilst machinery is operating

keep hands away from moving components

service hazardous & inaccessible lube points from safe working area

run up to 10m feed lines for underground/underwater zones

service up to 12 lubrication points from a single lubricator

With the exception of the Electro-Luber™, all ATS products can be used as multi-point installations. Running multiple feed lines will naturally reduce the length of feed that you can run. 

The table below demonstrates the maximum distances that feed lines can be run in single and multi-point applications.

If in doubt, please contact ATS and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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 hydraulic lubrication hose  

Chart of different ATS lubricators and the lengths they can be remotely mounted

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