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Oil Lubrication Brushes

ATS supply a range of different sized oil lubrication brushes for applications in which oil must be applied to moving machinery. 

When to use a lubricating oil brush

Buy lubricating oil brushes

We stock oil brushes in a range of sizes, from 10mm wide up to 40mm wide. We also supply fittings and hoses to connect from lubricator to oil brush. 

We only supply brushes up to 40mm wide because for chains wider than this we strongly recommend using multiple brushes across the chain. This ensures that the entire width of the chain is lubricated.

Oil brushes are essential for certain types of application, for example chains, types of conveyor, and chain lifts. 

Many companies use an ‘oil drip’ system, whereby a pipe drips oil onto the application. This can work for very narrow chains, but for optimal coverage, and anything wider than a few millimetres, we strongly advise the use of an oil brush.

All of our automatic lubricators can be filled with oil. We also manufacture the Titan Oiler™, an oil specific lubricator with a large 1.4L oil reservoir.

Lubricating oil brushes reduce corrosion and wear by applying lubricant into the correct moving components, and also help to remove contaminants, further reducing the chance of component failure. In turn this correct application method reduces friction and wear, lowering operational costs as well as repair costs.

The benefits of using an lubricating oil brush

connect direct to lubricator or via hosing

service lubrication system during machinery operation

24 hours lubrication for continually moving machinery

one time set up and easy maintenance

helps lubricant penetrate right into sprockets and pins

Use with single point or multipoint installations

image of head of oil brush that screws into motor driven lubricators

How to install lubricating oil brushes

Oil brushes are simple to install. You can either mount the oil brush directly into one of our compact lubricators, or mount the lubricator remotely. What will govern this is your machinery set-up, and where you can fit the lubricator’s bracket. 

Our oil brushes come with a 1/8’’ male thread, so you’ll want to include this fitting with your order. 

Direct mounting of oil brush into lubricator

  1. Fit the lubricator bracket: fit the lubricator bracket directly to machinery at appropriate height that brush will contact chain
  2. Install lubricator: fit the lubricator into the bracket
  3. Fit lubricator/brush fitting: Use 1/2’’F x 1/8’’F fitting (for Mini  & Micro Luber use 1/4’’F x 1/8’’F)
  4. Fit brush: Now simply screw the oil brush into the 1/8’’ female thread
  5. Activate lubricator: turn on & set the lubricator as per the instructions

Remote mounting of oil brush

  1. Fit the lubricator bracket: fit the lubricator bracket to the wall or appropriate surface  
  2. Install lubricator: fit the lubricator into the bracket
  3. Fit lubricator/hose fitting: Use 1/2’’F x 3/8’’OD compression fitting (for Mini  & Micro Luber use 1/4’’F x 1/8’’F)
  4. Fit hose: Push tubing into 3/8’ compression fitting, tighten nut – pipe inserts should be used inside flexible tubing
  5. Run hose: tubing should be properly fixed, with clips, avoiding any loose or sagging runs
  6. Connect brush: Using a 3/8’’OD compression x 1/8’’F fitting connect the tubing to the brush, fix securely. 

NOTE: if hose and brush cannot be securely fixed along entire run then solid piping should be used.

Oil brushes work best when fitted directly before the sprockets. The oil is applied and then the sprocket helps to force oil down into the links and pins. 

Titan Oiler

Titan oiler lubricator
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Oil Brushes

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With our brass fittings a lubricating oil brush can be fitted directly onto our single point lubricators when mounted directly above a chain. For multi-point chain lubrication the unit can be remotely mounted and lubrication hoses run to the oil brushes. Our motor-driven lubricators can supply up to 12 lubricating oil brushes.

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