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Automatic Lubricator Accessories

Installation of our automatic lubricators is very easy, and we provide a complete range of lubricator accessories and fittings to ensure you have everything you need.

As well as adapters, tubing, and brackets, we offer a variety of control options for multi-point lubricators, which allow you to programme your lubrication system to dispense during set periods. 

We also offer lubricant level sensors, which communicate with your computer to alert you when a lubricator needs refilling.

Our accessory range provides an energy saving, cost-cutting lubrication schedule, with complete control. Choose your options, install the lubricator, and enjoy piece of mind for up to 24 months.

Control options

Power options


Distribution blocks

Weather caps



Tubing & fittings

Oil check valves

Lubricant level sensors

Oil brushes

Open gear applicator

image of brass adapter to resize the thread of the lubricators image of weathercaps to fit ats electrolube lubricators image of power accessories for ats lubricators image of oil brush that fits to automatic lubricator thread to lubricate chains image of battery packs for ats lubricators image of distribution block for multi point automatic lubricators motor driven ultimate lubricator with remote power option image of bracket to fit all ats electro-lubers image of oil check valves for any ats lubricator that distributes oil image of distribution block and tubing that fits to lubricators with adapter image of motor driven  jack luber with low level lubricant sensor fitted
banner for lubricator accessories for all ats electro-lube single point and multi point lubricators

Lubricator Accessories

image of pinion sponges for open gear lubrication

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Try our vibration activated lubricators for automated control of lubrication cycles

Automatic Lubricators

Lubricator Accessories