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Automatic Lubrication System Control Options

A variety of control options for our electro-mechanical lubricators are available. Lubricator control options allow our clients to precisely control lubrication cycles to fit their specific needs. 

This provides an energy-efficient - as well as cost saving - approach to maintenance, allowing the system to go into pause mode when machinery is idle.

energy efficient lubrication

control lubrication from a central computer

save power

save lubricant

reduce man hours

schedule pause times for predictive maintenance

As well as the usual benefits of automatic lubrication - increased uptime, reduced repair costs, extended machinery life - using a control option has many other benefits...

Remote-Control Lubrication Systems

Motion-Activated Lubrication Systems

Pulse-Activated Lubrication Systems

image of multipoint jack luber with remote control and low level lubricant sensor

Multipoint Jack Luber with remote control & lubricant level sensor

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Control Options

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Vibration-Activated Lubrication Systems

Automatic Lubricators

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Remote Control

Pulse Control

‍‍Motion Control

Vibration Activation