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Lubricator Power Options

ATS Electro-Lube’s systems can be used either with our specialised lubricator battery packs, or with power supplies.

Our motor-driven lubricators are so durable they will last hundreds of refills. Our power supplies provide a greener alternative to replacement battery packs. 

AC power packs can be supplied to plug directly into an electrical socket. Our conversion pack features plug adapters for Europe, North America, Asia/Australia, and the UK. 

We also supply a DC power option, which provides a regulated 10-24 VDC 2.5 amp supply to our motor-driven lubricators. This can be used in any location power is available, giving added flexibility for mobile machinery, HGVs, etc.

one time power installation

never waste time ordering or replacing batteries  

long term cost-effective power solution

green approach to maintenance 

mininise waste

The benefits of lubrication system power supplies

Power supplies are not always practical for lubrication systems. Applications involving water and steam don’t mix with electrics, and it won’t always be possible to source power near a lot of machinery.

However, when it is practical, there are a number of benefits to employing a lubrication power supply.

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