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Lubricator Weathercaps

The Electro-Luber is waterproof, ATEX certified for explosive zones, has the best operating temperature range of any automatic lubrication system, performing perfectly even at -40ÂșC. 

Our lubricators feature a switch cap which is sealed with an O-ring, making them watertight and protecting the DIP switches from the elements.

ATS Electro-Lube manufacture the most reliable, durable, and versatile automatic lubrication systems on the market. As such our auto lubers can be used in a wide range of extremely harsh environments.

ATS lubrication systems perform excellently in even the harshest, dirtiest, and wettest industries, mining, PPI, waste water management, oil & gas etc. They are designed not only to resist the elements, but they apply a positive pressure at the lubrication point, preventing the ingress of small particulates and contaminants.

Lubricator weather caps provide additional secondary protection for those industries in which steam, water, and dust particles pose a constant problem.

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Weather caps for lubricators are recommended in applications which will be heavily subjected to contaminants, dust and dirt, or in applications subjected to persistently wet environments.

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