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Motion Controlled Automatic Lubricators

ATS motion controlled lubricators are activated by the operation of machinery. This means that when machines are not running, the lubrication system is in pause mode. 

The benefit of this is that lubricant and power are saved, resulting in an even more cost effective operation!

A magnet is attached to the moving machinery, and so long as it passes the lubricator normal operation continues. When the machinery stops moving, for example at the end of the work day, the lubricator will not dispense until the morning, when machinery resumes service. 

The motion control system does not affect the lubricators regular dispensing rate. It simply means that regular operation is halted when machinery is idle. 

The flashing of a blue LED on the user friendly performance display signals correct operation of the motion control. 

1 – Install lubricator as per instructions

2 – Affix magnet to moving machinery

3 – Test blue LED flashes as magnet passes lubricator

Applications for motion controlled lubricators

  • Chains
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Conveyors
  • Pulleys
  • Winches
  • Gears

How do motion controlled lubricators work?

ATS’ motion controlled lubricators can be fitted to any application in which the magnet will regularly pass the lubricator. If in doubt just call us. Applications include...



  • motion activated lubricant dispensing
  • LED performance indicator
  • easy to install
  • zero maintenance
  • save lubricant
  • save power
  • save money
  • avoid lubrication schedule errors

How to install motion controlled lubricators

remote controlled lubricators

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image of motor driven lubricator circuitboard with remote control option
image of motor driven single point lubricator with motion control option

magnet & motion sensor kit

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