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Multi-Point Lubrication Systems

Our multi-point lubrication systems provide a very economical approach to industrial lubrication. We allow you to construct a miniature centralised lubrication system at a fraction of the price. Add to this ATS Electro-Lube's trademark durability and reliability and our multi-point lubricators offer unbeatable long-term savings both in cost and maintenance hours!

The Ultimate Luber™

The Ultimate is the most powerful automatic lubricator on the market, pressuring to over 100 bar.

The Jack Luber™

Feeding 12 lubrication points and refillable for unbeatable long term economy.

The Titan Luber™

Multi-point lubrication for the price of a single-point lubricator. No other lubrication unit offers higher cost-savings than the Jack Luber

Titan Oiler™

The Titan Oiler provides powerful and economical multi-point oil lubrication.

200 bar pressure, 60m feed lines, and an integral oil level sensor.

The Titan is the most user-friendly lubrication system on the market. Using a standard 400g grease cartridge this multipoint lubrication system can be refilled in seconds.

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