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Multi-Point Lubricators

ATS Electro-Lube’s multi-point lubricators are the most cost-effective solution to industrial lubrication available.

Our patented multipoint lubrication systems produce pressure unmatched by other automatic lubricators. Using our motor-driven lubricators our clients can feed up to 12 lubrication points from a single unit, providing an economical alternative to centralised lubrication.

What are multi-point lubricators

Multi-point lubricators combine a single lubrication unit with a distribution block. From this distribution block runs a number of hoses, which lead to different bearings or machinery. The lubricator pumps grease or oil to the distribution block, which then directs the flow of lubricant down one of the hoses and to the lube point. 

How to install multi-point lubricators

ATS Electro-Lube’s multi-point lubrication systems are incredibly easy to install. Just follow a few simple steps.

  1. Install lubricator bracket
  2. Connect lubricant hose to lubricator.
  3. Turn on switch 7 to purge the motor-driven lubricator
  4. Insert lubricator into bracket & connect hose to distribution block
  5. Prime outgoing lubricant tubing
  6. Connect outgoing tubing to distribution block
  7. Set lubricator to begin desired lubrication cycle
  8. Watch our multi-point lubricator video if you are still unsure

How many lubrication points you can service with one automatic lubricator depends on the power and quality of the product. ATS electro-mechanical lubricators lead the market in power, which is why we can service 12 lube points reliably, and why our systems provide great long term cost-savings.

How do multipoint lubrication systems work?

So we need powerful automatic lubricators to deliver grease or oil through a multi-point system. For this reason, electro-chemical lubricators are unsuitable for anything other than single point lubrication. Therefore it’s necessary to us electro-mechanical, or motor-driven, lubricators.

ATS’ electro-mechanical lubricators use a motor to drive lubricant into our patented fixed-displacement pump – a pump which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. It is this patented pump that generates 100 bar pressure in our Ultimate™ and Titan Luber™, allowing our units to pump lubricant so effectively. 

The pump drives the grease or oil out of the lubricator, into a distribution block. From there a port opens and grease is forced down the lubrication line, into a bearing or machinery lube point, as seen in the diagram on the right.

ATS’ multi-point automatic lubers have several distinct advantages over other similar units...

100 bar pressure generated by patented ATS technology

Feed up to 12 lubrication points from one lubricator

Run long lubrication lines, even in multipoint systems

Up to 24 months maintenance-free lubrication before refill

Easy to refill on site

Most durable & reliable lubricators available, lasting hundreds of refills

Excellent operating temperature range from -20°C to + 55°C

User friendly LED status indicators

Oil lubricator model and standard grease cartridge models available


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Titan II cartridge lubricating mining equipment

image of jack luber illustrating both low level sensor and remote control options image of oil refinery linking to article on Multipoint lubricator applications

multi-point lubricator applications

multipoint lubrication control options

image of motor driven unit lubricating manufacturing machinery

lubricating manufacturing machinery

The benefits of multi-point lubricators

The most obvious benefit of multi-point automatic lubricators is the cost-savings they offer. With ATS Electro-Lube’s motor-driven lubricators you can feed up to 12 bearings or lube points with a single lubricator, instead of using 12 single point lubricators.

They also offer considerable time savings. With a 12 port lubrication system you can dramatically cut man hours spent maintaining machinery. Refilling time is significantly reduced by servicing one lubricator instead of many, and with our Titan and Oiler units refilling takes just seconds.

Because all ATS multi-point lubricators are refillable you will make considerable long term savings. Instead of replacing single-use lubricators one of our motor-driven units will last hundreds of refills, potentially lasting ten years or more. 

We supply lubrication systems with dispense rates of 15 days to 24 months. This means that depending on lubricant usage you  may not even need to refill the luber for two years, saving even more man hours. Additionally we offer a number of lubricator control options, which help to conserve lubricant, power, and cash.

image of motor driven Titan CL and Titan II lubricators image of motor driven multi-point lubricators image of motor driven multipoint oiler Image of motor driven single or multi point jack lubricator

Multi-point oil system

Grease cartridge lubricators

Low price multi-point

Ultimate multi-point lubricators

Types of multi-point lubrication systems

We offer a variety of multi-point automatic lubricators. From our oil lubricator and grease cartridge unit in the Titan series, to the most cost-efficient multi-point solution on the market, the Jack Luber™. 

All our motor-driven lubrication systems are waterproof, incredibly user-friendly, easy to refill, and versatile enough to suit almost any industrial application. Click on the pictures below for more information on each lubricator.

ATS remain number 1 in quality and reliability. Our multi-point automatic lubricators will keep machinery running at optimal performance levels, reducing wear and friction, and lowering operating costs. Around 40% of bearing failures are due to improper lubrication, so employing our reliable systems will save huge sums in repair costs. They will prolong component life, reduce maintenance hours, and improve the safety of your operatives.

Multipoint lubricator applications

Multipoint systems can be used in a huge range of industrial lubrication situations. However, there certain applications that multipoint lubers excel in, and some in which single point or electro-chemical lubricators would be more appropriate. 

When to use multi-point lubricators

When not to use multi-point lubricators

Multiple bearings or lube points

Large plants & high lubricant volume requirement

Streamlining maintenance costs

Underwater applications

Temperatures below -20°C

Underground mines

multi-point lubricator video

Multi point lubricator information for our automatic Ultimate lubricator range

Multi-point Lubricators

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