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Municipal Service Lubrication Systems

Municipal services are infrastructure and services provided by the city for use by its residents. 

These may include metro systems, bus services, water supply, sanitation, waste collection, and emergency services. 

Often these services are paid for – at least in part – by taxpayers’ money. Therefore it is essential these services are run efficiently, on time, and without causing disruption to ensure the public remain satisfied with local governments.

You can find detailed information on metro lubrication and water systems lubrication elsewhere on this site. 

Municipal services vary enormously in the maintenance applications they involve. But the one thing they do have in common is a need for streamlined efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Because of the heavy usage of many services – fire trucks, rubbish trucks, 24 hour water treatment, rail lines etc, the equipment in use must be maintained properly to avoid break downs. Down time in the municipal sector is simply unacceptable.

Most commonly the equipment in question is serviced on a time based maintenance plan. This means that it is being serviced on a particular date, rather than when needed. For some procedures this is fine, but not for lubrication.

Lubrication on a time schedule means that components can be left significantly under-lubricated greatly increasing the risk of failure.

Not only this, but cities may own or lease hundreds of trucks, buses, train carriages etc. Maintenance hours are incredibly high, costly, and often constitute time that would be better spent elsewhere.

Municipal Services Lubrication

There is a better way to lubricate municipal machinery. 

Automatic lubrication systems for the municipal sector mean that equipment is being lubricated 24 hours a day, even when it’s in operation.

This keeps components running efficiently, cuts operating costs, and extends machinery life dramatically. 

Keeping components properly lubricated greatly reduces the chance of failure, and therefore increases the uptime of any municipal service, whilst significantly reducing repair costs.

As an example, roughly 50% of electric motor failures can be attributed to bearing failure. Pretty high number. But around 60% of bearing failures are attributable to improper lubrication and lubricant contamination. 

This illustrates just how important adequate lubrication is in a sector like the municipal industry where a local authority may operate thousands of individual trucks, buses, trains etc.

When you add in maintenance hours the savings automatic lubrication systems offer the municipal industry are even more pronounced.

Instead of spending several minutes checking and re-greasing every lube point on every vehicle, maintenance crews can simply visually observe whether a lubricator needs changing, and if so fit a new one in 30 seconds. A department can even employ our lubricator management system to alert them when a lubricator needs changing or refilling, saving even more time.

Since ATS municipal lubricators provide up to 2 year dispense rates, the hours saved across the fleet provide a considerable time saving. These saved hours are spent much better on pro-active maintenance and identifying problem areas for the next service.


  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • 24 month dispense cycle
  • Singe point to 12 point multi-line systems
  • Continual greasing even during operation
  • Install in seconds


  • Free up hundreds of maintenance hours
  • Increase uptime significantly
  • Reduce break down & repair costs
  • Save money on lubricant & parts
  • Extend service life

Municipal equipment maintenance

image of waste water treatment plant and links to article on how lubrication works in that industry

water treatment lubrication

Municipal lubrication applications

ATS Electrolube Europe logo and image of single point lubricator
municipal banner to discuss all applications for automatic lubricators within the municipal industry, with image of Jack lubricator fitted with low level lubricant sensor


image of motor driven multi-point lubricator attached to distribution block for municipal lubrication

multi point lubrication for municipal applications

  • Sanitation
  • Water treatment
  • Refuse trucks
  • Road construction
  • Electric motors
  • Rail tracks
  • Underground and metro lubrication
  • Escalators
  • Elevators
  • Building maintenance
  • Wind energy

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ATS Electro-Lube manufacture reliable waterproof lubrication systems and ATEX certified lubricators for a whole range of municipal services. We also manufacture versatile multi-point lubrication systems to enable streamlining and cost cutting in state-run operations.

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