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Oil Check Valves

Oil check valves are used in oil lubrication systems to control oil flow. They are necessary in some applications to prevent backflow and leakage. 

Most commonly oil check valves use a ball and spring assembly, which applies a positive seal and allows flow in a single direction. This ensures that no contaminants from machinery or old lubricant can flow back into the lubricator or hoses.

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Oil restrictors are slightly different. The purpose of an oil restrictor is to slow the flow rate of the lubricant through the system. Because oil has a lower viscosity than grease a restrictor is sometimes necessary for direct mounting into bearing or machinery. 

Alternatively the lubricator can be mounted upside down. Every time you order a filled single point oil lubricator we will include the oil restrictor for the option of direct mounting. 

All of our automatic lubrication systems can be filled with any oil of our clients’ choosing. They can be used for single point application, or installed as a multi line system. 

We also manufacture the Titan Oiler™, an oil-specific lubrication system with a large 1.4L oil reservoir.

The Oiler is the most powerful self-contained automatic lubricator on the market, pressuring over 200 bar and allowing lubrication lines of up to 60m. This means that inaccessible, hazardous, or below ground lubrication points can be serviced from an accessible working area.

The Titan Oiler™ can be used with an oil distribution block to service up to 12 lube points. This makes it a very cost-effective alternative to centralised lubrication systems, and ideal for mobile machinery, mining, HGV use and much more.

ATS Europe also supply oil lubrication brushes for lubrication systems. These are used for chain and hoist applications, providing continuous, reliable application whilst also removing contaminants.

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