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Oil Lubricators

The Electro-Luber™

The Jack Luber™

We offer a number of solutions for oil lubrication. ATS Electro-Lube's automatic oil lubricators can be used for single-point or multi-point installations, and we also offer various solutions for industrial chain maintenance.

Single-point oil lubricator offering low cost solution to industrial maintenance. The world's most reliable lubricator delivering oil with precision in any environment.

Single point or multi-point oil lubrication from the versatile Jack Luber. Feed up to 12 lube points from a single unit.

Titan Oiler™

The Titan Oiler is the most powerful automatic oil lubricator available, offering excellent economy compared to a larger more expensive centralised system.

Chain Lubrication

We offer a number of solutions for industrial chain lubrication, for both single point and multi-point chain oil applications.

Extend chain life and lower maintenance costs with our easy-to-use chain lubricators.

Automatic Lubricators

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