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Open Gear Lubrication

The ATS sponge pinion system is particularly effective in wind turbine lubrication applications, capable of greasing both pitch and yaw for up to two years with zero maintenance, thereby reducing maintenance costs and trips up the turbine by 75% compared to a 6 month 'smear on' method. Our tried and tested lubrication system for wind turbines is currently employed by large turbine manufacturers and turbine maintenance companies.

ATS manufacture a patented open gear lubrication system. Our system has numerous advantages over other application methods, and is the most efficient and cost-effective way to lubricate open gears. 

Perfect for lubricating open gears on cranes, wind turbine lubrication on pitch & yaw mechanisms, and other applications, our sponge pinion can reduce maintenance time and costs significantly. 

Connected to ATS’ market leading single point automatic lubricators, the sponge applicator turns as the gear turns, providing continuous lubrication to all wear points of the gear. This provides a number of advantages over other methods...

Constant, reliable greasing - eliminate over/undergreasing cycle

Operating, maintenance, and repair costs significantly lowered

Lubricate all gear wear points – even the high points

Dramatically lowered lubricant costs  – efficient grease re-use

Minimal grease drip or waste – cleaner

Keeps lubricating for up to 3 months after lubricant reservoir is empty

Sponges manufactured to fit any size open gear

wind turbine lubrication

Lubrication systems for open gears

Open gears can be very difficult to maintain. They are often inaccessible and frequently suffer from a repeated cycle of over lubrication followed by under lubrication. Traditional lubrication by smearing grease in to gears it’s a messy process, using far too much lubricant ineffectively,and can only be done  during hours of inoperation. 

Wind turbine lubrication systems

As with all ATS products, the open gear lubrication system was borne out of a need to solve these maintenance problems.

The sponge pinion provides continual lubrication across every wear point of the gear teeth. This keeps friction and stress to a minimum at all times, in turn reducing operating costs. Furthermore, this increase in efficiency means that machinery component life is extended.

The improved efficiency of the system and reduced stresses means that unexpected failures are less frequent, lowering repair and maintenance costs in the long term.

Open gear lubricant applicator

The sponge itself is optimised for maximum efficiency. It’s so effective at holding lubricant that it will continue to lubricate the gear for up to 3 months after the oil or grease reservoir is empty. 

Our open gear lubrication systems give up to 24 months of maintenance free lubrication. So instead of having to lubricate gears every week to 6 months, you can reduce the maintenance frequency considerably. Wind turbines for example can benefit from a 75% reduction in maintenance visits – a dramatic saving given turbine inaccessibility, particularly offshore.

The grooved body of the applicator means that the sponge and the open gear teeth interact to perfectly lubricate the entire length of the teeth lubricating all wear points of the gear. The constant action of the applicator means that the lubricant is constantly redistributed, so lubricant cannot ‘pool’ in the low points of the teeth. 

This has obvious advantages where lubrication costs are concerned, but also has implications for the maintenance schedule, allowing much greater flexibility when scheduling maintenance for inaccessible equipment or machinery currently in use.

The efficiency of the sponge also means that the entire process is much cleaner, with minimal lubricant drip, and thus not only cleaner but more efficient with further lowered lubricant costs.

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