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Pulse Controlled Automatic Lubricators

ATS Electro-Lube’s pulse controlled lubrication systems offer an efficient cost-saving method for machinery maintenance.

The pulse control mechanism  is ideal for any industrial equipment with intermittent operation, and works to shut down the automatic lubrication systems during periods of inactivity. 

A performance indicator LED shows operational status of the pulse lubrication system, and a blue light will flash every time the sensor is triggered, indicating correct operation.

image of motor driven lubricator with motion control option

This control method uses a magnet and motion sensor. When the magnet passes the motion sensor a certain number of times the lubrication cycle is triggered.

How to install pulse controlled lubrication systems

Our pulse controlled lubricators are incredibly simple to install, and after installation no more upkeep is required.

  1. install lubricator as per instructions
  2. attach magnet to moving part of machinery
  3. Fix motion sensor near to machinery
  4. set number of cycles
  5. TEST- start machinery and ensure system operates at correct intervals
  • rotating parts
  • screw turbines
  • screw pumps
  • pistons
  • chains/hoists
  • winches
  • belts
  • fans

Applications for pulse controlled lubricators

Pulse controls can be fitted to any application in which a part of the machinery passes the lubricator, including the following examples...

How pulse controlled lubricator work



  • save battery life or power
  • minimise lubricant use
  • never lubricate idle machinery
  • extend system longevity
  • LED performance display
  • custom programmes
  • easy to install & use
  • works with most moving machinery

The exact number of cycles is programmed via DIP switches on the sensor. 

For example if you choose 50 cycles, the pulse lubrication system will only dispense when the magnet has passed the sensor 50 times. Thus if the plant shuts down for the evening the next lubrication cycle will only begin when the magnet starts moving again the next morning.

remote controlled lubrication

ATS Electro-Lube Europe logo and electro lube image
image of motor driven lubricator with exposed circuit board to show remote control option

magnet & motion sensor kit

banner for pulse control option on all motor driven lubricators

Pulse Control

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We also offer motion controlled lubrication systems, which operate in their normal dispense cycle for as long as the magnet passes the motion sensor. When machinery is shut down the lubrication cycle is paused.

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