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Remote Control Automatic Lubricators

Remote control lubrication systems from ATS are designed to reduce power and lubricant use, they can be used either as a single point lubrication installation, or as a multi point lubrication system to provide the most cost-effective lubrication solution available. 

Fitted with a special circuit board, the remote control lubricator will function only during required periods, which are pre-determined by the user. 

The lubricator’s circuit board connects to an external dry contact (a type of switch which needs no power). This switch connects by either wi-fi or bluetooth to the users computer. 

The user can then programme times when the lubricator will or will not operate. For example, if a plant runs between 7am and 6pm, and all machinery shuts down for 90 minutes during lunch, the luber can be programmed to go into pause mode for lunch hours as well as from 6pm to 7am the following morning. 

The motor-driven lubricator will dispense as normal, for the entire time the switch is closed. When the switch receives a signal from the controlling device the contact opens, pausing the lubrication cycle.

When the lubricator comes back online it will continue from the exact point it was paused during the current cycle.



  • easy to install & use
  • LED performance indicator
  • Connect to computer, laptop, tablet
  • Wireless control
  • Lubricates only when machinery is running
  • Save lubricant
  • Save power
  • Independent control of different  lubrication systems
  • Easy decommissioning of lubrication systems

Remote control lubricator installation instructions

The remote control circuit board is fitted to the lubricator at the manufacturing stage, making the system incredibly simple to install. 

If you are already using ATS Electro-Lube’s motor-driven units the circuit boards can be retro-fitted very easily, quickly enabling your lube system to be controlled remotely. For advice give us a call.

  1. Install lubricator as per instructions
  2. Connect the circuit board wires to a dry contact (not supplied by ATS)
  3. Sync the dry contact to your computer, laptop, or tablet
  4. Programme lubricator dispense cycles
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Remote Control

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