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Single Point Lubricators

ATS Electro-Lube's single point lubricators offer the most reliable lubrication system available to any industry. We have a solution for any application, no matter how extreme.

The Ultimate Luber™

The most powerful single point lubricator on the market - the Ultimate Luber - can achieve pressures of over 100 bar.

This unparalleled power allows the Ultimate to overcome high backpressure, and to run lubrication lines of up to 10m long. This allows your maintenance staff to service inaccessible or hazardous lube points from a safe working area.

The Electro-Luber™

The most reliable and versatile automatic lubricator available. The Electro-Luber can be used in almost any industrial application, no matter how extreme. In water, steam, extreme cold, or explosive zones, there is no other unit comparable to the Electro-Luber.

The Jack Luber™

The Jack Luber™ is an electromechanical lubricator, engineered to deliver power at an affordable price.

Allowing for remote mounting to 6m, and with the leading operating temperature range of any single point lubricator, -40°C to +60°C

NEW!! - Vibration Activated Single Point Lubricators

Vibration activated single point lubricators offer autonomous control of machinery lubrication. Delivering grease or oil only when machinery is operating they save you lubricant, power, and time.

Automatic Lubricators

Lubricator Accessories