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Single Point Lubrication Systems

Single point lubricators are designed to feed one bearing or lubrication point.

ATS Electro-Lube’s single point auto lubers can be fitted either directly onto the bearing or machinery, or mounted remotely.

For applications in which several lubrication points need to be serviced please see our multi point lubrication systems.

What are single point lubricators?

Single point lubricators can be either electro-chemical lubricators, or, for applications where higher pressures are needed, electro-mechanical lubricators.

The lubricator drives oil or grease into the lubrication point, ensuring that machinery operates with minimal stress, friction, and wear, prolonging component life and increasing uptime.  

How do single point lubricators work?

Whether gas or motor-driven, single point lubricators work by using a force to drive a piston. A variant on the electro-mechanical system is a spring lubricator, however these are generally unreliable and do not perform as well.

Oil or grease is stored in the chamber, and as the piston exerts force on the lubricant it drives it out of the chamber into the bearing or feed line.

In the case of gas powered lubricators this force is exerted permanently, allowing for continual application of lubricant. This is highly desirable in machinery with high work loads or which is rarely idle.

Electro-mechanical lubricators tend to operate in cycles. During each cycle a pre-determined volume of lubricant is delivered from the lubricator into the bearing or feed line.

See this article for a full explanation of how gas powered lubricators work.

See here for a full explanation of how electro-mechanical lubricators work.

The benefits of single point lubrication

Single point lubrication systems have a number of desirable features for any business.

They allow you to control each lubrication point in your plant separately, and with ATS management systems you have an efficient way to keep track of every lube point.

Single point lubricators are inexpensive, and incredibly simple to fit. They can take seconds to install, but save hundreds of maintenance hours over a single year.

By installing the correct automatic lubrication system you don’t just reduce maintenance hours. You can eradicate human error, and you can also move away from scheduled maintenance.By servicing equipment on a schedule you are servicing when it suits the maintenance team, not the machinery. it often leads to a cycle of over lubrication followed by under-lubrication, placing additional stress on operating systems.

Automatic lubrication gets you out of this cycle. It provides lubricant to expensive components when they need it, not when is convenient for maintenance staff.

ATS single point lubrication systems

Industrial machinery can be very expensive. To protect these investments you want the best single point lubrication systems available. 

ATS Electro-Lube products not only make you significant long term savings, but are unparalleled for performance and reliability. 

Since 1982 we have been the innovating force within the automatic lubrication industry, and our single point lubricators are number one in several fields...

Reliability: The Electro-Luber™ is hands down the most reliable product on the market. With 40 years of research & implementation behind it this automatic lubricator never lets you down.

Power: ATS Electro-Lube produce the industry’s most powerful auto lubricators. The Ultimate Luber™ and Titan Luber™ pressure to over 100 bar the Titan Oiler™ to 200 bar.

Lubrication lines: Our uniquely powerful lubrication systems allow you to run lubrication lines up to 10m long – ideal for hazardous and inaccessible lube points

Safety: The Electro-Luber™ is intrinsically safe, ATEX/UL certified and safe for use in underground and explosive zones.

Temperature: We boast the best operating temperature range of any lubricator, with systems capable of performing between -40°C to + 55°C.

Waterproof: The Electro-Luber™ is not just incredibly durable, it is submersible to 10m. Perfect for areas at flood risk, or areas of mining or water treatment that involve splashing water.


  • Durable & reliable
  • Most powerful lubers available
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • ATEX/UL Certified
  • Remote mounting to 10m


  • Lower operating & maintenance costs
  • Increase uptime
  • Keep maintenance  operatives safe
  • Service machinery during operation
  • Avoid catastrophic breakdown
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Single Point lubricator article discusses the benefits of ATS automatc single point lubricators

Single Point Lubricators

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Single Point Lubrication Systems

Single point oil lubrication system

Powerful single point lubricators

Single point electro-mechanical lubricators

Electro-chemical single point lubricators

Grease cartridge lubricators

Below are ATS Electro-Lube’s single point lubricators. Any of these lubricators can be used as an oil lubrication system, but the Titan Oiler™ is built for oil lubrication applications. 

Each of these lubricators was developed to solve various maintenance problems. For example, the Electro-Luber ™ is waterproof to 10m, ATEX certified, and operates down to -40°C. 

The Jack Luber and Ultimate Luber generate significant pressure, and therefore allow remote mounting of the single point lubricator with long lubrication lines. This allows for easy servicing of inaccessible lubrication points and improves safety by allowing lubrication maintenance from safe working areas. 

Meanwhile the Titan CL is a grease lubricator using a standard 400g grease cartridge, allowing for very fast refilling. Read on for all the benefits the ATS product range, or click on the images for product information.

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