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Talcor T.T. Thermal Lube

image of TT thermalube lubricant

T.T. Thermal Lube is an extreme temperature lubricant with excellent washout resistance. 

Containing no silicone fluids nor metallic solids this grease can be used across a wide temperature range, maintaining performance where other lubricants fail.

Extreme Temperature Lubrication Systems

ATS lubrication systems are incredibly versatile and durable, maintaining performance under even extreme operating conditions

Our products have the best operating temperature range of any automatic lubricators, and in such extreme conditions it’s essential to use not only the correct type of lubricant, but one that will perform as reliably as the lubricating system.

Lubricant Washout

Washout is the process of grease being flushed out of a bearing by the effect of water. This is a particular problem where a bearing of piece of machinery is partially or fully submerged, and it is essential to choose a lubricant with a high washout resistance.

The Electro-Luber™ is submersible to 10m, and our products are used heavily across a range of industries in which water is involved – food & beverage, waste water treatment, pulp & paper, chemical processing etc. 

Therefore choosing a durable lubricant with high resistance to washout becomes crucial, and this makes TT Thermal Lube an excellent choice for use in tough environments. 

High Temperature Lubricant Properties

High temperature lubricants are necessary in applications with hot ambient environments, or where heavy or intense workloads can result in build up of heat. This can be anything from industrial ovens, to bearings, to chains. 

Under these intensive conditions many lubricants fail, due to ‘gumming’ and carbon deposit formation. This leaves the application under intense stress and causes failure, resulting in expensive repair bills.

We supply 20kg pails of T.T. Thermal Lube, or 400g cartridges for use with the Titan Luber. 

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Furthermore, a high temperature lubricant must be thermally stable, inert, non-volatile and non-flammable, to prevent any hazards associated with high temperature.

It is suitable for use in a wide range of industries, and a great choice for applications in mining, chemical processing, food & beverage, metal & plastic processing.  

T.T. Thermal-Lube Composition

  • > 93%   Synthetic base oils > 93%
  • < 7%     Inert organic & inorganic thickeners and synthetic ester
  • < 1%     Additives which may include anti-wear agent

Suitable for extreme temperatures incl bearings & roller bearings

Constant temperatures to 220°C

Intermittent temperatures to 320°C

Excellent ‘washout’ resistance properties

No metal solids or silicone fluids

Available in 20kg pail  or 400g cartridge for use with  Titan Luber

T.T. Thermal-Lube performs excellently at temperatures right up to 220°C (428°F) without ‘gumming’ or formation of carbon deposits, which can cause many lubricants to fail. It will also allow increases in temperature up to 320°C for short periods of operation.

The high washout resistance of T.T. Thermal-Lube makes it a great choice for any system which may be exposed to water, or partially/fully submerged. This water resistance is even effective when subjected to steam or mild detergents, making it an excellent choice for processing plants.

Plastic injection moulding

TT thermalube is a grease lubricant for extreme temperatures. ATS Electro-lube is a supplier of TT Thermalube

TT Thermalube

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