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Theme Park Lubrication Systems

ATS lubrication systems for theme parks can be used on a variety of attractions. 

From belts and rail lubrication, to transport and hotel maintenance, we have a number of systems to keep operations running smoothly.

Our theme park lubrication solutions are currently in use in several parks across the world, including Disneyland California.

ATS is number one in lubrication reliability, and for this reason our systems are often implemented where uptime and reliability are essential.

Theme park attraction maintenance

Automatic lubrication systems for theme parks are an essential maintenance strategy for keeping attractions open, safe, and running smoothly.

The obvious benefit to employing automatic lubrication on your rides are the huge savings in maintenance hours. Instead of time consuming climbs to awkward lubrication points an auto luber keeps oiling components for up to 24 months.

Lubrication points on park attractions are often numerous, spread over long distances, and can be in extremely hazardous locations. 

The inaccessibility associated with some components makes repairs expensive and hazardous, as well as bringing unwelcome downtime. Visitors who pay for access to a park do not expect to find closed rides. 

Applications for theme park lubrication systems

  • Roller bearings
  • Chain pulls
  • Belt conveyors
  • Elevators
  • Bearings
  • Rails & tracks
  • Transport applications
  • Building maintenance applications
  • Cooling systems
  • Air extraction
  • Motors
  • Generators

ATS theme park lubrication systems

‍‍‍The main reason ATS products are used for situations where uptime is key is their unparalleled reliability. We offer both single point and multipoint lubrication systems for a wide range of theme park applications.

All of our products are incredibly durable, and capable of performing in extremes of temperature.

Titan Oiler on chain lift

Benefits of automatic lubrication for theme parks

The continual lubrication ATS systems provide ride components are never in a cycle of over-lubrication followed by under-lubrication, they are always maintained at optimal level. Long term this means that components stay healthy and their operational life is extended.

Not only does this 24 month refill schedule mean that maintenance hours are cut, but it means that operatives make far fewer climbs to hazardous locations, improving safety, as well as freeing up hours for predictive maintenance.

The knock on effect of this is lowered repair costs, which in parks can be incredibly expensive, involving cranes, down time and closures of sections of the park.

Lubricating water rides

The Electro-Luber™ is the perfect lubrication system for water rides. The most reliable automatic lubricator on the market, it is the best system for chains, conveyors, tracks & bearings in an industry which demands reliability.

It’s not only waterproof but submersible to 10m depths, incredibly durable, and more than capable of withstanding large waves!

Lubricating roller coasters

The Titan Oiler™ is a popular choice for lubricating roller coaster components. Firstly, it has a large 1.4L oil reservoir, meaning it needs refilling very infrequently.

Secondly, the Titan Oiler is the most powerful self contained oiling system available, pressuring over 200 bar. This allows you to run 12 lines from a single unit, making it a very economical alternative to centralised lubrication. 

Perhaps more importantly, this power allows lubrication lines to be up to 60m long! This means that lines can be run to the most inaccessible lubrication points, which can then be serviced from a safer working height. 

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Titan Oiler

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