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  • Pressures to over 100 bar!!
  • Replace grease cartridge in seconds
  • Service up to 12 points from 1 unit
  • Remote mounting to 10m
  • Maintenance free for up to 2 years
  • Available in 400g or 800g size
  • Operating range -20°C to +55°C
  • Remote control & remote power available
  • LED status updates
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image of titan CL motor driven lubricant cartridge, titan II motor driven lubricator with two grease cartridges and titan 2 motor driven lubricator with two grease cartridges and mounted on a back plate

Titan Cartridge Luber™ 

Unrivalled Convenience In a Multi-Point Lubrication System

Witness how easy a Titan grease change is.... 

The TITAN CL LUBER™ is an automatic lubrication system which uses a standard 400g grease cartridge to supply lubricant to machinery. This makes the Titan Luber the most user-friendly automatic grease lubricator on the market, allowing the user to refill it in just seconds. 

banner for Titan lubers with image of oil reserve tanks and titan 2 motor driven lubricator
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multi-point chain lubrication

A Titan II lubricator, using two external grease cartridges, used for lubricating mining mchinery, specifcally this motor-driven lubricator is being used as a multi-point mining lubricaton system on a large conveyor.
A Titan CL automatic lubricator instaled on a shaker, this motor-driven lubricator is being used in a multi-point lubrication system to feed several points from a single lubrication unit
Titan CL automatic lubricators installed as multi-point chain lubrication system, each motor-driven lubricator is lubricating 12 separate points on the chain system.

Titan II multi-point mining lubrication

Shaker automatic lubrication system

With the quality and reliability of all ATS products the Titan™ is incredibly durable, and will last hundreds of refills, making it an incredibly economical choice for any industrial application.

The Titan™ is a motor-driven lubricator, which uses the same patented technology used in our Ultimate Luber™. With our unrivaled displacement pump the Titan Luber™ generates over 100 bar pressure, making it the most powerful automatic grease lubricator on the market.

This incredible power allows the Titan to be used with our distribution blocks to create an efficient and economical multi-point lubrication system. Employing this set-up allows you to service up to 12 lubrication points or bearings from a single lubrication unit! 

The power of our motor-driven units also allows for running of long lubrication lines, meaning that the Titan can be remotely mounted up to 10m away from any bearing or lube point. 

User-friendly DIP switches make setting Titan's dispense rates incredibly easy. At each dispense interval 1.25cc of lubricant is dispensed, and the unit can be set to empty between 15 days and 2 years.

AN LED display provides a constant status update on the lubrication system’s performance, making visual inspections very easy. The Titan also has a built in lubricant level sensor which alerts the user when the grease cartridge is nearing empty and needs replacing. 

ATS Electro-Lube also manufacture the Titan II. This lubrication unit employs TWO external grease cartridges, allowing for double capacity in applications requiring higher volumes of lubricant. This provides an 800g grease capacity, the largest of any automatic grease lubricator. 


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