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image of motor driven Titan Oiler lubricator
image of motor driven titan oiler lubricator attached to distribution block and lubricating multiple lubrication points
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Whilst all other ATS Electro-Lube automatic lubrication products can be mounted in any orientation, the Titan Oiler™ must be mounted vertically to allow gravity to empty the oil chamber. However, all of our automatic lubricators can be filled with a specified oil in applications where space is confined or on rotating equipment.

  • Pressures to over 200 bar
  • Run feed lines up to 60m
  • Service up to 12 lube points from 1 oiler
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
  • Easy to refill 1.4L oil reservoir
  • Integrated low level sensor
  • Remote control & remote power available
  • Removable contaminant screen
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, ATEX certified

Titan Oiler

The World’s Most Powerful Automatic Oil Lubricator

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The TITAN OILER 2000™ is a specialised automatic oil lubrication system. Utilising our Ultimate Luber™ technology this refillable lubrication system is the most powerful automatic oil lubricator on the market.

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Our patented ATS Electro-Lube pump technology is what sets our products above other lubrication systems. In the Titan Oiler™ the pump generates over 200 bar pressure, which gives this oi lubrication system its edge. 

The Oiler can be used with an oil distribution system, allowing the servicing of up to 12 bearings of lubrication points by one unit. This makes the Titan Oiler an economical and compact alternative to centralised lubrication systems. Effectively, the Oiler acts as a centralised system, at a fraction of the price.

This unparalleled pressure also allows for incredibly long lubrication lines to be run to machinery. The Titan Oiler™ can be mounted up to 60m away from a lubrication point - a huge benefit for maintenance of hazardous or inaccessible lubrication points. A one time installation of the hose to the hazardous lube point means that all future lubrication maintenance can be done in a safe working area.

The Titan Oiler™ has a large 1.4L oil reservoir, which is easily refilled simply by pouring oil from the top. The oil reservoir has a removable contaminant filter which can be taken out for cleaning. 

User-friendly DIP switches allow for easy setting of the desired lubrication cycle. The Titan Oiler™ dispenses 2cc of oil on every dispense cycle, and can be programmed to fully empty between 15 days and 24 months. ATS can also programme different dispense rates or volumes at the manufacturing stage.

This unit is waterproof, dust-proof, and incredibly durable for any indoor or outdoor industrial application. It can also be used with our AC or DC power supplies for lubrication systems, as well as our lubrication control units, which allow precise controlling of lubrication cycles via computer or motion control.

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