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  • Pressures to over 100 bar!!
  • Single-point or multi-point lubricator
  • Service up to 12 lubrication points
  • Remote mounting to 10m
  • Operating range -20°C to +55°C
  • Refillable on site & lasts 100s of uses
  • Available in 125, 250, & 500 cc
  • Weatherproof & dustproof
  • Remote control & AC/DC power available
image of three of the most powerful motor driven lubricators on the market, the Ultimate Lubers

Ultimate Luber 

The Most Powerful Auto Lubricator On The Market

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Install an Ultimate Luber in seconds...!

Ultimate lubricator banner with image of HGV vehicle and the motor driven most powerful lubricator on the market, the ultimate lubricator

The world's most powerful automatic lubricator, the ATS Ultimate Luber™ is a motor-driven lubrication system unit capable of providing in excess of 100 bar pressure. 

The unit also features a homogenizer, which mixes the lubricant to keep it at the perfect consistency, and prevents grease separation during long periods of machinery shut-down.

ATS electro-lube europe logo and image of automatic lubricator
image of two motor driven multipoint lubricators providing lubrication to aggregrate machinery
image of motor driven ultimate lubricator providing lubrication to a plastics machine

plastic processing machinery lubrication

lubricating aggregate machinery

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It can be installed directly into a bearing or machinery lubrication point as a single point lubricator, and can be set to empty anywhere between 15 days to 24 months. This provides a long-term solution to lubrication, and can significantly reduce wasted maintenance hours.

Alternatively the Ultimate can be installed with a distribution block, to provide a compact and cost-efficient multi-point lubrication system. The unmatched power generated by the patented ATS technology means a single Ultimate Luber can supply up to 12 bearings or lubrication points.

This multi-point configuration provides an incredibly economic long term solution for industrial lubrication. 

The pressure generated by the Ultimate Luber also makes it the perfect choice where long lubrication lines are needed. Any hazardous or inaccessible lubrication point can serviced by tubing, with the lubrication unit mounted remotely up to 10m from the lube point or bearing. The lubrication schedule can then be managed from a safe working area.

⁠⁠ATS motor-driven units are customisable to suit our clients needs. We can supply AC or DC powered lubrication options where a power source is handy. We can also include a range of lubrication control units, which maximise the efficiency of any lubrication system. These include motion activated lubrication and remote controlled lubricators, which are operated via a computer or tablet, and all of which help to conserve power and lubricant, offering a greener solution to industrial maintenance.

Our electro-mechanical lubrication systems are incredibly easy to programme, using simple DIP switch settings, whilst and LED display provides a continuous operational status. Each lubrication cycle will dispense 1.25cc of lubricant, and as mentioned one complete empty will last between 15 days and 24 months. However, ATS can programme different dispense volumes for customers with very specific lubrication needs.

Not only will the Ultimate service 12 points, it’s refillable on site. ATS Electro-Lube’s lubrication products are so durable, and so incredibly reliable, that every Ultimate unit lasts hundreds of refills. 


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