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Vibration Activated Lubrication Systems

ATS Electro-Lube has developed vibration-activated lubrication systems for use in industrial maintenance.

By incorporating a built-in vibration sensor in our lubricators, ATS offers the most user-friendly solution to machinery lubrication during times of operational demand only.

How it works

The benefts of vibration activated lubrication

Our VSC lubricators offer significant streamlining to industrial lubrication practices. Importantly, they offer cost-savings with zero compromise in lubrication quality.

This vibration sensor control (VSC) allows autonomous control over machinery lubrication by the equipment's operation. This means that no unnecessary lubrication takes place when machinery is idle, out of service, or during non-working hours.

The VSC can be purchased as an optional extra, and comes pre-fitted to your choice of our electro-mechanical lubricators, the Ultimate Luber, Jack Luber, Titan Cartridge Luber, and our oil lubricator the Titan Oiler.

Vibration activated lubricators maintain standard ATS dispense cycles, allowing you to choose a tailored lubrication schedule between 15 days to 24 months depending on your requirements.

When machinery is idle the lubricator's vibration monitor senses no vibration, and it remains in pause mode. The lubrication cycle is thus halted during these periods of inactivity. When the machinery starts up the lubricator will sense vibrations, bringing the unit out of pause mode and beginning the lubrication cycle.

Installing Vibration Activated Lubricators

ATS vibration activated lubrication systems are incredibly simple to install. Programming is selected using our standard DIP switch settings (image 2), whilst constant operating status is indicated by the user-friendly LED display.

  1. remove lubricator cap and select desired dispense programme (use switch 7 to purge unit if necessary)
  2. screw lubricator into bearing, machinery, or hose connector
  3. with machinery active, select low sensitivity setting on the vibration sensor. Lights on the VSC will blink.
  4. Observe LED on the VSC, if it flashes pause sequence - BLUE,BLUE,GREEN - whilst machinery is operating switch to medium sensitivity
  5. If LED still flashes in pause sequence switch to high sensitivity and wait for repetitive GREEN blinking to confirm correct operation
  6. You can now turn the LED off on the VSC if you prefer, this will preserve battery life, but the unit will still be 100% autonomously controlled by machinery operation

The difference between our standard automatic lubricators and our new vibration-sensing units is that the VSC lubricator will only be dispensing grease or oil when machinery is operational.

In effect this creates automated lubrication control. After installation no human interaction is required; instead lubricant is dispensed in line with the demands of the machinery.

The VSC has 3 levels of sensitivity for different applications. Low sensitivity for applications with high vibration, medium sensitivity which is suitable for most standard operating machinery, and high sensitivity where vibration levels are quite low, or the unit may experience high fluctuations in vibration.

  • Lubricant Use - by allowing autonomous lubrication by the machinery itself the equipment is regulating its own grease or oil consumption. This can save vast amounts of lubricant. If your plant operates an 8 hour work day and you use automatic lubricators you can instantly reduce lubricant use at these lube points by a minimum of 65-70%. If you manually lubricate your grease points then switching to VSC systems will completely eradicate problems with under-lubrication and over-lubrication cycles, as well as slashing lubricant costs.
  • Power Consumption - whether you use automatic lubrication systems with batteries, AC or DC power, a vibration controlled lubrication schedule will dramatically reduce your power consumption. Power use in automatic lubrication systems may be reduced to just a few minutes per day, and the VSC itself drains no additional power whilst operating.
  • Maintenance Hours - not only will ATS Electro-Lube's vibration controlled lubrication systems reduce power and lubricant use, they also require zero maintenance once installed. Simply install the units as per the instructions below for up to 24 months of maintenance-free reliable greasing. There is no need for altering controls or programmes, and the LED display immediately indicates operational status to maintenance staff.
  • Environmental Impact - lowered lubricant use across industries means lowered lubricant production, it means less lubricant waste, and precise control of delivery means much less lubricant finding its way into the environment. Battery use - and therefore potentially battery disposal - is significantly reduced, and power consumption is cut to an absolute minimum.

Image 2: Vibration selecter and DIP switch settings

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