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Water Treatment Lubrication

Lubrication systems for water and waste water treatment facilities are an ATS speciality. We have been installing market leading lubrication systems on water treatment equipment for 35 years.

In any application our single point lubricators and multi-point lubrication systems for water treatment offer the safest, most economical, and most reliable solution available.

Water treatment facility maintenance

Water treatment facilities are large and contain a huge variety of equipment. Maintenance is time consuming, and can be hazardous. It is essential that treatment equipment is maintained properly to minimise breakdowns, as huge sections of a population rely on these plants functioning correctly.

Therefore reliability is absolutely key for treatment machinery, and the same goes for the maintenance systems used. Furthermore, the equipment is very expensive. and whether state or privately owned keeping the expensive investments in optimum condition is essential.

Lubricating water treatment equipment

The most obvious challenge is the abundance of water involved. Water can play havoc with maintenance systems, not just destroying the system itself but allowing rust to form and machinery components to seize.

two single point gas powered lubricators lubricating a pump

single point pump lubrication

pump lubrication

image of single point lubricator lubricating a pump

Water and waste water treatment is one of those industries that poses multiple problems for maintenance crews. Treatment plants can supply water to hundreds of thousands of people, so reliability and uptime are essential.

Water treatment maintenance must therefore be very pro-active and preventative. Any potential downtime must be carefully planned and executed efficiently, and keeping equipment in prime condition is crucial to maintaining reliability.

But not only does water treatment involve the challenge of keeping a plant running at maximum efficiency all the time, there are numerous other challenges making maintenance very tricky.

Water treatment plant maintenance problems



The weather is another major factor to consider when lubricating water treatment machinery. Much of the machinery can be located outdoors, and exposed to potentially extreme conditions 24 hours a day. This is a particular problem in northern latitudes such as Scandinavia, Russia, and Canada, where temperatures can drop to -40°C, and most lubrication systems cannot cope with these temperatures.

Inaccessibility & Hazardous Lube Points

Lubrication points in the water treatment industry can be in dangerous and inaccessible locations. Much of the machinery needs lubricating several times per week or month, greatly increasing safety risks to maintenance operatives. With constantly moving machinery and open wells and pits it’s important to employ a lubrication system which needs minimal access and servicing.

Number Of Service Points

The sheer number of lubrication points in a water treatment plant can also pose a huge challenge. Multiple types of machinery treat waste water, some of them have high numbers of lubrication points, and plants can be large. It can consume a lot of man hours to grease every point, and it’s very easy for human error to result in missed lubrication points and therefore unexpected breakdown.

Constant Machinery Operation

Populations rely on clean water, and machinery used in the processing of water and waste water commonly runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s subjected to heavy workloads, without rest, and puts components under a great deal of stress. This makes it incredibly important that machinery is running at optimum performance levels, and is maintained properly, to avoid any kind of breakdown. Manual lubrication or spring lubricators on water treatment equipment is a bad idea, as both result in a cycle of over-lubrication followed by long periods of under-lubrication. it’s important to ensure a constant, reliable source of lubricant application to maintain optimum performance and avoid machinery failure.

ATS electro-lube europe logo and image of single point lubricator

Best water treatment lubrication systems

There is a lubrication system designed to eradicate all of these maintenance problems. ATS Electro-Lube have been servicing the water & waste water treatment industry for 35 years, providing solutions tailored to water treatment, keeping staff safe, improving uptime, and maximising component life.

ATS lubrication products are the most reliable lubrication solution on the market, and therefore the number one choice in industries where performance is crucial. Our water treatment lubrication systems are waterproof, last up to 24 months before refilling, keep maintenance staff away from dangerous areas.

Single point water industry lubrication

ATS’ single point lubricators are ideal for water treatment plants. Our Electro-Luber is not only waterproof, it’s submersible to 10m depth. It provides a continuous stream of lubricant, meaning that machinery is kept t optimum performance 24 hours a day. With a dispense cycle of up to 12 months it dramatically reduces the number of visits operatives have to make to hazardous areas. It also provides positive pressure at the lube point, preventing ingress of water and contaminants, and therefore preventing rust or oxidation.

Our gas-driven lubricators have the best operating temperature range on the market, making them the only choice for northern latitudes. They operate perfectly right down to -40°C. Our motor-driven lubricators dispense without refill for up to 24 months, and can be mounted up to 10m from a lubrication point. This means that hazardous lube points can be serviced from a safe working area.

Multi point lubrication for water treatment plants

We manufacture the most powerful self-contained lubricator on the market, the Ultimate Lubricator™, pressuring to over 100 bar. This means that a single unit services up to 12 lubrication points, providing an incredibly economical alternative to centralised lubrication.

Our multi point systems are waterproof and can be refilled easily on site. They have LED performance indicators, and last up to 24 months before refill. They allow for long 10m lubrication lines, eradicating the need to access hazardous are, such as open wells or constantly moving machinery.

Constant lubrication of machinery, 24/7

Never shut down equipment for lubrication purposes

Service hazardous lube points from safe working areas

Maximise uptime and eradicate catastrophic failure

Prevent ingress of water & contaminants

Extend component life to maximum expectancy

The most economical long term solution for water treatment

ATS Electro-Lube remain number 1 in reliability

ATS Electro-Lube’s water industry lubrication systems provide a number of hugely advantageous benefits, including the following...

multiple waterproof single point lubricators lubricating a grit rake

waterproof lubrication for grit rake

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Applications For Lubrication Systems in Water Treatment Plants

  • Primary inlet screens
  • Secondary inlet screens
  • Grit rakes
  • Rotary biological contractor
  • Backwash pumps
  • Backwash blowers
  • Grit rake cyclone
  • Pulleys/chains/conveyors
  • Circular filter beds
  • Trickling filter
  • Gear boxes
  • Grit separator
  • Outer wheels
  • Settlement tanks
  • Sewage pumps
  • High lift pumps
  • Sludge pumps
  • Sludge belt press
  • Water pumps
  • Aerators
  • Clarifiers
  • Filters
Single point lubricators on a weir pump in the waste water industry

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