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Wind Turbine Lubrication

Wind turbine lubrication is a huge challenge. Thousands of components make up the nacelle, many of which need regular lubrication. But what makes wind turbine lubrication so difficult is that these components are elevated up to 50 stories off the floor! Pity the person that has to climb the ladders every few months carrying a heavy load of equipment.

ATS Electro-Lube have always been driven by solution focused engineering, and with these maintenance issues in mind we have developed industry specific wind turbine lubrication systems.

With 35 years of manufacturing experience specialising solely in the automatic lubrication sector we are world leaders in wind turbine lubrication.

ATS Electro-Lube's auto lubers can be installed on any bearing or piece of machinery that needs lubricating. When dealing with wind turbine lubrication this includes the main bearing, generators, hydraulics, gear oil filters, gear boxes, and even elevators in the larger turbines.

Our single-point lubers are ideal for any equipment that needs continuous lubrication. The intrinsically safe nitrogen powered lubricator pushes grease into the lubrication point in a controlled continuous stream, providing the perfect amount of lubricant for that point.

They takes seconds to install and provide up to 1 year of maintenance free lubrication. Even better, our Electro-Lubers boast the best operating temperature range of any lubricator worldwide, between -40ºC to +55ºC.

This can be very important in cold countries or offshore installations where ambient temperature and windchill can lead to very cold environments. Furthermore these single point wind turbine automatic lubricators can be set to dispense anywhere between 15 days to 1 year, and seen here with our unique sponge pinion lubricant delivery system offer a highly efficient way to grease gears.

Boasting the best pressure of any automatic luber on the market, both multi-point lube systems can service points from up to 10m away. Not only this but the Ultimate and Titan can provide up to 2 years of maintenance free lubrication. Service engineers have to climb the towers to re-lubricate every few months with traditional lubrication methods, so the obvious benefit of installing an auto luber is a huge reduction in maintenance visits. The maintenance schedule can potentially be extended by around 75%.

Furthermore, our Titan Luber™ uses external grease cartridges. Not only are they incredibly simple to replace in a matter of seconds, but the only equipment your team will need to carry up the tower is a few easy to handle 400g cartridges! We even offer the Titan II model, with double the lubrication capacity.

Some of the most essential systems of a wind turbine are the braking systems. Without them the turbine can quite literally tear itself apart. Proper lubrication of wind turbine brakes prevents failures and improves overall operation of the systems. This helps to lower overall operating costs and can help to control friction and noise associated with braking systems.

Any of our automatic lubricators for wind turbine brakes will help reduce operating, maintenance and repair costs. Whether applied to pneumatic, hydraulic, or the mechanical brakes, ATS lubrication systems are the most reliable lubrication system for turbine brakes.

ATS Electro-Lube's open gear lubricating system was designed specifically for wind turbines. We have developed the industry's most efficient system for pitch lubrication and yaw lubrication.

This pitch or yaw lubrication system implements our market leading automatic lubricators, in conjunction with our unique sponge pinion system. The lubricator fills the sponge with any client specified grease, and as the open gears turn they are lubricated by the sponge.

This innovative open gear lubrication system has numerous advantages over all other lubrication methods.

The pitch control in a turbine nacelle controls the angle of the blades. This not only controls the speed of the rotor blades and prevents them from spinning at dangerous speeds, it keeps the turbine operating at maximum efficiency.

Ideal wind speed for a turbine is around 15 m/s (around 30mph). By varying the angle of the blades the turbine can stay in the optimum rotational range no mater what the wind speed. In high winds the pitch control turns the blades into the wind (parallel to wind direction). In low winds the pitch control flattens the blades so that they feel the force of the wind more. This pitch mechanism is controlled by large open gears, traditionally lubricated with a smear on method. This uses a huge amount of lubricant, is messy, and is quite ineffective at lubricating the high wear points of the gear.

The yaw control is also operated using an open gear system. Yaw is the direction of movement around a vertical axis, and in the case of a wind turbine the yaw control turns the nacelle to point into the wind.

Improper lubrication to these open gears causes increased traction, increased wear, and makes the system perform way below optimal levels. Implementing the ATS wind turbine lubrication system means that even high wear points are fully lubricated, and the solution lasts up to 2 years, allowing maintenance bills to be slashed.

Traditionally lubrication of wind turbine components has involved an exhausting climb up the tower every few months. ATS Electro-Lube's wind industry lubrication solutions allow this maintenance schedule to be improved dramatically, up to 75% or more. We offer maintenance free lubrication systems lasting up to 1 or 2 years. At the end of this period simply screw in a new cartridge and leave for another 2 years.

Our sponge pinion system is so efficient that it remains fully filled with grease at all times. On every revolution every single wear point of the pitch or yaw gear will be getting properly lubricated. Even the high wear points remain fully lubricated, unlike smear on techniques or other pinions which often cannot lubricate high points due to their solid nature.

The efficiency of the sponge also means that it holds lubricant even after the lubricator is empty. This allows flexibility in the maintenance schedule. In fact this lubrication system is so efficient that the sponge keeps lubricating for up to 3 months after the grease reservoir is empty! It's like three free months of lubricant!

The sponge pinion system is much cleaner than other application methods. It will collect excess grease as the gears move, which means not only does it slash lubricant wastage costs but keeps the area much cleaner. This is a particular advantage over the smear on technique which uses a lot of lubricant, most of which is lost quite quickly.

ATS Electro-Lube manufacture our own open gear sponge pinions, and we can make sponges any size to suit our clients needs.

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Automatic Lubricators For Wind Turbines

Single Point Wind Turbine Lubrication Systems

Multi-Point Wind Turbine Lubrication Systems

Wind Turbine Brake Lubrication

Open Gear Lubrication Systems For Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Pitch Control Lubrication

Wind Turbine Yaw Control Mechanism

Benefits Of Pitch & Yaw Automatic Lubrication System

Applications for wind turbine lubrication systems

  • Pitch mechanism – with sponge applicator
  • Yaw mechanism – with sponge applicator
  • Elevators (sometimes replace ladder in large turbines)
  • Gear boxes
  • Brakes
  • Gears
  • Generators
  • Bearings
  • Gear oil filters

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Wind turbine pitch lubrication system

Our multi-point lubers have several benefits for wind turbine lubrication. One Ultimate Luber™ or Titan Luber™ will service up to 12 lubrication points. This provides an incredibly economic solution to nacelle component lubrication.

Wind turbine yaw lubrication system

wind energy lubrication systems

Key to wind turbine maintenance is proper lubrication of the turbine's gear box bearings. Improper lubrication accounts for around 40% of all bearing failures, and in the wind industry gear box failure is one of the most common reasons for down time and huge repair costs. 

Imagine the cost difference between employing proper preventative maintenance with a few ATS automatic lubricators versus having to crane in and replace a new bearing or entire gear box!

Field of 8 wind turbines, lubrication systems for turbines can be used in generators, bearings, pitch and yaw applications.

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